Wednesday, August 8, 2007 Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I visited the highly-touted Greenies sim the other day, and boy, is it impressive. I've seen a few “Land of the Giants” themed sims before, but Greenies is by far the best. It is massive and includes all the little details you'd expect to see in a conventional house – except that they are 20x larger than normal!

The sim includes several rooms in what appears to be a small house, including a kitchen, table, living room, etc. The most interesting objects are items sitting on shelves, on the floor or located inside cabinets. It's totally crazy to see itsy-bitsy avatars crawling around car-sized ashtrays and enormous keyboards. Great fun!

If you go, make sure you look everywhere and inside everything. I'd encourage you to spend time exploring Greenies, and don't be afraid to act like a mouse running across the floor to see everything!


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