Getting Ready for Winter!

Sunday, October 28, 2007 Sunday, October 28, 2007

Somehow I had some time this weekend to build some new effects, including an entirely new line of Teleportation effects.

Geez, I think I need a coat in this picture! Brrr! These three winter effects are now available at Electric Pixels:

  • Snower Personal, which produces a vast amount of snowflakes around you when you wear the effect.
  • Snower Subtle, which produces a much smaller amount of snowflakes. I am not sure which one is best for you, but now you have a choice.
  • WinterKit, which includes not only Snower Personal and Snower Subtle, but also the new Breath effect. It produces a frosty breath every seven seconds and when combined with the snow effects makes the scene look very cold!

I've also produced three new Teleportation effects. These are worn like many other effects, except they are inactive until you teleport. Then when you rez they will activate for two seconds. What happens next depends on the effect:

  • RaveRinger TP produces a small blast of multicolored streaks along a randomly angled plane. It goes off only once when you teleport, like all of these teleportation effects.
  • NightFog TP instantly produces a 10m area of complete darkness. The effect slows after two seconds and the darkness gradually lifts. This would be great for a spooky halloween entrance!
  • SuperFog TP instantly produces a 10m white cloud all around you. Again, it disperes in about two seconds.

A word of warning: the teleportation effects might be considered rude in some areas, so be very sure that you will be well received when you teleport!


Anonymous said...

i lost money i whant it back
i bout somthing from youre place it dont work
140l i would like it back thank you
cutewillow carlberg
thank you

ArminasX said...

Hi cutewillow - my transaction log shows that you bought the "I Am Canadian" poofer. This item has been sold to many dozens of people, so I am not certain what problem you might be having with it. A common problem I often hear is that buyers sometimes don't realize they have to take the item out of the box before it can be used. To do so, rez the box on the ground and then right-click open it. Then copy the contents to your inventory and enjoy! Please contact me in world for live assistance - and if for some reason you are not satisfied I will give you a full refund.

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