It's Getting Dark...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I had an unusual visitor the other day.... Xilow Demina is a demonic slave girl. I've often encountered slaves, but have never spent any significant time with one. I guess the concept is lost on me, but I understand that people can enjoy being a slave, just like any other RP activity. She was looking for something to make darkness, as she said that “demons should be able to create night”.

Xilow gave me a lot of help designing this new effect – but it was a little strange working with a slave who kept calling me “Master”. I was required to call her “The Girl”while we collaborated, and give her permission to stand, talk, sit, etc.

This is a completely new kind of effect, which basically creates large, completely black particles all around you. It looks like a fog, but it within it you cannot see anything because it is completely black! Only the labels of nearby avatars are visible. The effect lasts for several seconds, so that you could, for example, TP out while the fog is active and when it fades you are long gone!

NightFog is now on sale at my shop in Caso Milo.


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