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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 Tuesday, February 26, 2008

During this past weekend the "monthly" SL Bloggers' party took place at Sailor's Cove, courtesy of hosts GoSpeed Racer and Ravishal Bentham. It was only my second party, and I really don't know many of the bloggers in attendance - yet. I had a fab time and I will report here for those who did not attend, or even those who did.

Yeah, I should post a picture. But I didn't take any, as I was intimidated (and surrounded) by truly awesome Second Life photographic artists on all sides, and besides, in every direction I looked was a "gray" person. Sigh.

Unlike many events in Second Life where participants constantly say "WooT!!!@" or that awful "Yee-hahhh!" sound and spell terribly in chat, this event was filled with writers. Who know how to speel. Um, spell. And make puns. Lots of them.

A few stray highlights:

  • Veyron Supercharge and Tiessa Mongolfier dressed as ethereal fantasy mermaids, floating in the air. Well, at least until Veyron wanted to dance and suddenly lost her tail!
  • Mylena Aquitaine appearing as a fish (hmm, which species was it? Tuna? Mackerel?) and Nobody Fugazi's flaming penguin avatar pursuing her in search of Fresh Sushi!
  • Vint Falken whipping up a large bowl-shaped aquarium for Mylena. And the ultra-kewl Top Hat!
  • I believe there were some naked (or near naked) avatars, but I didn't see them because I was too busy following the puns in the chat log... Ok, Ok, it was Veyron! (see pictures below)
  • Crap Mariner somehow walking sideways on the wall and not falling down.
  • Some incredibly amazing music mashups by the DJ.

Feeling bad about the lack of images here, I scoured the blogs to find any other posts on this event, and found only the following. Unlike me, they took photos:

Ravishal and GoSpeed, thank you again for organizing this!

FLASH UPDATE: Other party reports are now emerging... I guess I should have waited a bit longer to write mine. As usual Vint has a very comprehensive post including links to even more reports and pictures:

Oh, yes, I somehow forgot all about the "seamen" jokes! NOT.


Anonymous said...

Woot! Thanks for the compliment on my hat! (and really it was in theme, I just robbed it from a merchant on a merchant's ship! ;))

And yep, the party was a blast, as always! ;)

ArminasX said...

NP, Vint! BTW, I added a link to your great party post above.

Anonymous said...

ooh..I didnt get a chance to say hi, I just zoom around a grope everyone..thats like hi..and I grabbed some excellent links from your posts..sweet!

CatDude said...

And another fellow blogger I obviously missed at the party!


R. said...

I posted a video how to quickly do a wall-dance on Youtube a while back.

Tiessa said...

I love the "ethereal fantasy mermaid" line - very nice.

Chestnut Rau said...

i had to leave early but did get a few photos, some of which are posted to the blogger's flickr group here

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