"Bring a Date — It'll Glow Your Mind!"

Saturday, March 8, 2008 Saturday, March 08, 2008

That's the slogan for a new Rezzable attraction entitled, "Tunnel of Light". What is it all about? Well, it's kinda like, a tunnel of light!

Seriously, when I arrived I was extremely disappointed. Instead of seeing animated buzzing color textures and extravagant particle effects all around me, I somehow landed in a peaceful and pastoral meadow scene. I half-expected to see cows wandering in the vicinity. Thankfully, there were none, as they often deposit unpleasant surprises for those walking by.

However, one item stood out: a red neon arrow, indicating I should traverse a path towards a pond. Being quite adventurous, I took the arrow's advice and ended up at a rather dull pond. Noticing a small item floating in the pond, I touched it.

Then many things happened. Quickly.

I fell down, up and through a myriad of brilliantly decorated light tunnels, ending up at a black/neon boarding area reminiscent of a DisneyWorld ride. A car-sized teacup slid up and stopped in front of me, and of course I jumped in. Ten seconds later, the teacup began a magical journey through numerous psychedelic zones, some of which included the most amazing texture animations I have ever seen.

The teacup followed a wispy blue path through tunnels and into massive open areas, seemingly traveling between planets. At one point I moved through a forest that was made of, well, this is hard to explain, and impossible to photograph, but the "buzzing" textures made the forest look blurry. I've never seen anything like it.

And glow! Things were glowing everywhere! Builder Spiral Walcher has taken advantage of the WindLight viewer in ways never seen before. Maybe I am crazy, but even my Group Tag was glowing!

The preview of Tunnel of Light can be found here. Warning: you really must be WindLighted to get the full effect. Evidently the Tunnel will become a club later this month, I'd recommend you head down to the Tunnel of Light straight away - and unlike me, bring a date!


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