Dear SLanta

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear SLanta:

I haven’t written to you in quite a while, but this year I feel it’s necessary. That’s right, I believe that I’ve been a very, very good avatar all year long. With a few exceptions. Mostly I’ve been good. Well behaved. Usually. No one could question that! Except, well, um. Don’t worry about that, SLanta.

Oh, I clearly deserve some Christmas presents, and just so you have an idea of the items I desperately want, I’ve prepared this short list for you to give to the SLelves. I’d be very happy if you managed to get me one of them, but even happier if you sent me more than one, especially if you send all of them!

  • A software fix for those fatal graphics errors that occur all too often to the SL Viewer on my Mac. They always seem to happen at precisely the wrong time. I’m so glad my friends understand when I abruptly disappear in the middle of a deep conversation.
  • A reduction in Linden Lab tier fees - not so much for me, but for all those who were adversely affected by increases. Well, yeah, I’d like some too if you’re handing them out.
  • More customers! I get quite a few customers showing up at my shop, but I can always use a few more. In fact, SLanta, if you need some snow, I happen to have some you might be interested in. Drop by Electric Pixels and I’ll give you a deal!
  • I want the guy with the oddly-shaped 208 sm parcel smack dab in the middle of my property to reduce his price from the outrageous L$35K (that’s L$170.00+ per sm) to something, anything more reasonable. SLanta, believe me when I say that he’s been a very naughty person. In fact, why not just give me the parcel! Yeah!
  • More time in the day. I realize that everyone will be asking for this one, but I really, really need this one more than anyone! I have so much to do, so many people to see and so many places to visit that I must get more hours. SLanta, I know that this one is asking a lot from you, but I believe you can do almost anything. Please!
  • Tickets to SLCC 2009 for all my friends who were unable to make the 2008 episode. Nothing could make me happier than being able to meet my close friends in person, and SLCC 2009 would be a terrific place to do it. And you can come too, you wouldn't be out of place!
Thanks again, SLanta, for your consideration of my meager requests. I know you can do it! I’ll leave a cookie for you.


Moggs Oceanlane said...

Meager requests, eh? *grins*

Michael vdB said...

I could agree on more then one point to SLanta. Great blog! I look forward to more in 2009.

Belkara Bravin

Seikatsu Koba said...

SLanta can do anything I'm sure!

I hope you had a wonderful Xmas, and that 2009 brings you all you asked for.

Anonymous said...

Santa doesn't remember what Mac you have but does wonder if you have VBO checked under hardware options? Or if you have it checked, to uncheck it?

ArminasX said...

I've experimented with VBO on and off. Usually I have it off, but after doing extensive reading thru what seemed like hundreds of posts regarding the issue, I have a config that seems to be foolproof now: SLim client, window size of EXACTLY 1280x720, Low graphics, 1/2 of max graphics memory and guess what - VBO ON! This config has actually NEVER crashed for me, while everything else does constantly. Who knows? It's clearly a software problem of some sort.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the post. I hope you get want you want. And what you need.

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