The NEW Particle Lounge!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A long-standing project of mine is something called “The Particle Lounge”. It is a place where I can hold events, parties and have people over to chill. The original Particle Lounge was kind of an experiment, where I tried various particle effects and other visual techniques to create a spooky, eerie place like no other. I think it succeeded.

But then I expanded my shop, and the Lounge had to go. I placed it high in the air, thinking that it would be just as easy to use. It turns out that it was not easy to use. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose. So there it sat, floating up in the sky unused.

I wanted to believe I could do better than that, and after some out-of-the-box thinking, I realized I could build a new Particle Lounge - underground!

Well, it’s not exactly underground, but it is simply under the floor of my shop; the ground there is quite sloped and I realized there was sufficient space under the floor to build something big. So I did.

The new lounge turned out even better than its prior iterations. It’s larger, more carefully built, and takes into account all the feedback I received from the last iterations.

It was so cool we thought we’d better have a party to open it. On two hours notice.

That was not the greatest plan, but somehow we found an excellent DJ (Natasiaa Nightfire) on awesomely short notice. We leveraged our friends lists, group notices, conferences, twitter and plurk to send out instant invitations. People arrived and all had a great time. Here are the inevitable paparazzi photos of only a few of the distinguished guests:

Codebastard Redgrave floats above the quad-sun floor in an endless aerial spin.
Radar Masukami jigs, explodes while being accosted by those crazy brain-eating Aetherfish (made by Thickbrick Sleaford, by the way.)

First Question host Pooky Amsterdam looking great as usual.
The Slovenian Writers: iYan and iAlja Writer. 
Blogger, supermodel, virtual wife and compulsive comedian Tymmerie Thorne reaches for an Aetherfish.
Good friend Bevan Whitfield in her new dress eyes the guests.

Tweeter Caliburn Susanto is suspicious of the Aetherfish.
Virtual healthcare specialist Coughran Mayo dances to the music. Was Abba playing at this point?

Queen of Green Haley Salomon ponders the not-green floor color. 

I must mention that a late guest was Jene Tempura. Very late indeed, as he showed up some 12 hours after the party ended, no doubt due to some catastrophic time zone miscalculation.

If you’d like to explore the lounge and all its hidden secrets, drop by Electric Pixels anytime. But just watch out for that first step!


Unknown said...

You built a really fun venue! I can hardly wait to visit again - even though I spent time wandering around pitifully upstairs looking for the door to the club. Thank you for not laughing at me.

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