Another SL Blogger's Party!

Saturday, March 27, 2010 Saturday, March 27, 2010

This afternoon I attended yet another SL Blogger's party, this one being hosted by Nika Dreamscape at media baron Stuart Warf's Rezzed TV Island. By the way, if you haven't been to Rezzed TV Island, you should drop in for a visit, it's a wonderful build. 

Unlike past parties, there was no specific theme. Usually there's a theme like Mardi Gras or Steampunk and everyone dresses up to match. But this one was wide open and everyone came in great, yet unsynchronized outfits. For me, I simply showed off my chest with a high-quality open green shirt.

Nika and Stuart hosted this event, which is always held by a volunteer blogger. Will you be the next host? 

Keeme Brown appeared wearing the unfortunate Lobster outfit. Somehow I can't imagine having a big bug like that on my ...

Several events took place during party, including an exhibition house XWA Wrestling card, and a fishing tournament. Of course, those ubiquitous breeding bunnies were on sale, too.

Quite a few bloggers were in attendance, although many of the old-time bloggers did not show up this time. Lalo Telling and Snickers Snook dance together here.

The infamous parody Tweeter SecondLie made an appearance, here with Crap Mariner. I wonder who's under there? Time for an up-bag shot?

The lovely Tymmerie Thorne is in charge of events for the Blogger's group, and she's been doing a wonderful job organizing things. Since she's been on the case, we've had very regular meetups, and they're fun, too.

UberFashionista Callie Cline showed up, but for some reason wore a "Happy New Year" hat. Had a late night, Callie?

NWN events reporter Chestnut Rau made an appearance. Why not, it's a big event!

SuperBuilder Anhalya Lycia somehow snuck into the event! There were at least 40 others in attendance, far too many to mention. Please come to the next event!


GoSpeed Racer said...

Oh, you forgot the "unkissable" GoSpeed Racer was the DJ!

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