A Volcanic Eruption!

Saturday, April 10, 2010 Saturday, April 10, 2010

It’s been a while since I released a new product, so I wanted to make sure it was something big. And indeed, this one is huge! It’s called “Volcanic Eruption”, and it does just that.

Volcanic Eruption provides more realism to Second Life volcanoes. Most volcanoes are simply a dead mountain with a cone-shaped depression at the top, and the odd one might have smoke percolating out of it. However, I wanted to do something better.

Originally a custom build for a private estate owner but now available to all, the new Volcanic Eruption particle emitter provides a realistic twist to your virtual volcano. Simply place the emitter into your volcano’s cone and it does all the rest for you. And what, exactly, does it do?

It erupts!

To be more precise, it follows a sequence typical of real volcanoes:

  • It remains idle for a time. (You can specify how long you’d like it to remain dormant)
  • The eruption commences with a stream of smoke flowing skyward
  • Suddenly an explosion occurs, releasing flying ejecta in all directions!
  • A column of fire rises from the volcano’s cone
  • The fire collapses, resulting in a deadly pyroclastic flow that runs down the sides of the mountain
In real life, the most dangerous part of a volcanic eruption is the pyroclastic flow. It’s a superheated mix of toxic gases and dust that speeds downward at velocities far faster than you can run, cooking and choking everything in its path. That’s what kills people during eruptions.

And now you can have it for your volcano too. Just drop by Electric Pixels, where you can find the new Volcanic Eruption in the Garden and Weather departments


Anonymous said...

Very cool ...er ... hot!I must visit and see this!

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