It’s Halloween Again

Sunday, October 3, 2010 Sunday, October 03, 2010

Each year at this time in SL everyone does something special to celebrate Halloween. I’m not sure if it’s a secret urge to get back to childhood, or a way to take your virtual appearance to the ultimate level, but nevertheless everyone will be costumed up. Things will soon be a lot scarier. 

I make several scary items you might find appropriate to spook up your SL Halloween. Why not drop by Electric Pixels? Here are some of my gadgets that are most appropriate for Halloween:
Blood Spurter - an absolutely gross effect that intermittently spurts a realistic stream of blood from your carotid artery! Use this one only if you’re not squeamish.
The CandyGiver - lets you select a nearby avatar and throw streams of calorie-laden chocolate bars at them.
Blood Dripper - You just finished sawing up your most recent victim, and your arms and chest are dripping blood. These drippers can be placed anywhere you like to make your axe-murdering persona just a bit more real. 
Bat Hair Day - Tiny bats swarm around your head, making you look spooky. Well, maybe not spooky but it’s cool anyway! It’s not hair, just bats. Only bats!
Cloud Vampire - Look up! You’ll see a vast menacing cloud, colored blood red. 
Demon Breath - You exhale a very demonic red breath every seven seconds. Shiver!
Demon Haze - Be surrounded by a very subtle reddish haze; set the mood to EVIL. 
FloorFog Vampire - Equip your dark castle with a very creepy black and blood red ground fog that makes things seem seven times more scary!
VampireFog - Take your Vampire-like red and black fog with you to the dance floor with this scary effect!

BatMaker Thick - Just a touch from you creates a massive cloud of dangerous bats for 60m nearby. Watch out!

OnFire - Brighten up your Halloween event by Lighting Yourself On Fire! 
And that’s not all; there's many more of these very different and well-behaved particle effects. Be sure to try out the demonstrations at Electric Pixels when you visit. Hint: they’re near the coffin.  


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