Insane Way to Increase Traffic to Your Second Life Parcel!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Somebody MUST have already thought of this, but I certainly didn't.

I was having a conversation with my parcel neighbor (and all around great person) Aspasia Arliss (pictured at my Particle Shop) and she commented that she often receives many uninvited guests. She had a theory that because her parcel is located directly in the sim's center visitors accidentally drop in.

It turns out that this is actually true! If you are in SL using the MAP function, the default coordinates upon searching for a sim name are 128,128,x. This means that anyone searching for Caso Milo in MAP and hitting the teleport button will drop right onto her property. That's why she receives many uninvited guests.

This got me thinking.

Each sim has the same special effect, unless the parcel owner of 128,128,x has set a specific landing spot. This means that the parcel located at 128,128,x in most sims will automatically get some amount of random visitors over and above other parcels within the sim. Therefore, these 128,128,x parcels should be more valuable than others - if your goal is to attract traffic.

However, I don't see these parcels priced any differently - but perhaps they should be. Darn, I wish I would have thought of this earlier! SL Business tip # 64: if buying land to set up a store, make sure it contains coordinates 128,128,x.


Peter Stindberg said...

Do you really believe in walk-in customers in SL? You can't place a high-class place into the center, since high-calss places have great architecture, and the visitors would land on the roof.
So it would rather be like cheap supermarket, selling some bad fashion and freebies. And I don't think that's worth the effort...

29Blogs said...

I spend quite a bit of time at my store chatting with customers, and as strange as it may seem, there are a fair number of "fly-bys" that fall into the store wondering what's going on there. Usually they are newbies, but not always. Perhaps they are attracted because my store's design is an open concept with occasional large particle explosions!

However, you are quite correct - certain builds would not find this technique appropriate, particularly if you have a roof covering 128,128. But if you have a simple store that has an open area, this could be worth a few more visitors than otherwise.

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