New Effects This Week

Saturday, September 1, 2007 Saturday, September 01, 2007

Five new products are available at Electric Pixels this week.

Sleepy! Yes, it's corny, but it can be very useful. Just wear it and a stream of lazy "Z"s drifts away from you, letting anyone nearby know that you are snoozing, or just about to! I spend a lot of hours in SL, often dramatically decreasing my RL sleep, so I can tell you I will be using this one a lot. I'm using it in this image, sleeping by my lab under a tree from DEForest Beck (thanks again, D!)

Eu sou Brasiliero! (with much help from CRISTIANE Repine) and Ich bin Deutschländer, two national poofers.

The two new national effects are accompanied by ring versions, Anel de Brasil and deutscher Ring (thanks, MythX Hax) and join the growing collection of national particle effects.

In this image I am testing the deutscher Ring effect at Electric Pixels. If you have any comments about these products, please add them here.

After looking at Linden Lab's recent usage statistics, I am thinking of building effects for France and UK next. Would anyone like to assist me?


Anonymous said...

very good blog. sharing a successful adventure in sl and very much rl too :) thanks. Swannbb

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