Monday, January 7, 2008 Monday, January 07, 2008

I saw someone wearing a halo the other day, and thought I'd see if I could make one too. I'd never made precision-aligned head ornaments before but perhaps I was up to the challenge.

It turned out that it was actually quite straightforward to build the halo, which is modeled here by Haley Salomon. They slowly bubble upwards, fading to a brilliant white. Haley is wearing the green version (naturally, because everything she owns is green, or at least that's how it seems.) Although I truly like green, I just had to make a few other colors.

Eleven, actually: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Purple, Indigo, Chartreuse, Fuschia, Pink and Sky Blue. And one more: a very special Vampire version that is Red and Black.

I've received positive feedback on these from several testers, and I hope you like them too. If you happen to like them a lot, you can buy all colors at once in the "Halo Collection". Available now at Electric Pixels!


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