Friday, January 4, 2008 Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok, so I know that people make Second Life pets, and some of them even follow you around. My neighbor in Caso Milo has a wonderful pond with apparently artificially intelligent ducks. I've seen birds flying through the sky and I've ridden elephants for a laugh.

But last night I saw something a little different. As I was working with Veyron Supercharge on her evil "Sweatshop" build (I am making some evil-looking flames that will burst from the industrial-style smokestacks), she showed me an interesting sight next door at her South Gate parcel.

It was a ghost!

This small build contained a rather creepy looking sculpty tree (made by Seph DaSilva) with matching ground terrain. However, once we were nearby we were assaulted by ghosts! The "Spectre", made by Lyle Maeterlimck of Liquid Designs, slinks around the tree area and rushes up to unsuspecting passers-by. More ghosts are spawned and it gets pretty spooky.

That's a pet! Now, if only someone would make a pet that washed the floors in my store...


Brangus Weir said...

That sound pretty neat. But WHERE'S THE BLEEPING SURL?

Come one share this SL goodness with others!

29Blogs said...

Hmm - I wasn't sure I should post it, since it is on Veyron's property and I am not sure if she wants visitors. Veyron?

Unknown said...

Oh sure. Feel free to drop by. It's in the South Gate sim, next to Lost Angels sim a.k.a. City of Lost Angels.

South Gate is the suburb of CoLA. Were in the far NW corner.

Better yet, create a CoLA and CCS account, join the humans (or Neko's - they're tasty) and I'll string you up in the front lawn. ;)

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