Charity Dungeon

Monday, April 14, 2008 Monday, April 14, 2008

Most people in 2L are aware of the Relay for Life, and many of us participate in different ways. Residents are marvelously ingenious in how they generate funds for the Relay. The other night I stumbled into a dungeon, and no, this dungeon wasn't for the usual 2L usage - it's for charity!

Shawna Montgomery and Anhayla Lycia have designed a special dungeon, located deep in the bowels of Avalon Keep where visitors are asked to ransom a SLelebrity to freedom from a suspended cage. No, it's not going to be me (even though I am pictured above, testing the evil cage with master builder Anhayla Lycia).

Who is the captive SLelebrity? Read on:

Second Life's Wonderful Songstress Kim Siefert! Kim will be locked up in the dungeon at Avalon Keep on Saturday April 19 from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Queen Shawna Montgomery, of the Tiny Empires Kingdom of Avalon, has also been scheduled for jail time. She will be arrested at 10 AM and will sit in the dungeon until her bail of 40,000L is reached. Don't know what Tiny Empires is? Come on down and check us out.

Share Your Lindens, It's All For A Good Cause!

So if you feel the urge for some dungeon action, you can check out the dungeon at the Avalon Dungeon Jail / Bail Event, Chatrez (93, 38, 21). Bring Lindens!


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