Thinking of Gina

Thursday, April 24, 2008 Thursday, April 24, 2008

My friend Peter Stindberg, translator extraordinary, contacted me last week with an unusual situation. He had been affected by the all-too-often transitory nature of relationships in Second Life; his friend Gina Glimmer was no longer able to continue in our virtual world

This happens from time to time, sometimes when the avatar's owner passes on in real life. Often memorials are built, sometimes small and personal, at other times large and public, especially for those who were well known.

Peter has taken a different approach. There's no memorial. Instead he has made all of Gina's artwork (her former SL business) available to everyone at no charge in an effort to remember her. Peter hopes that people "maybe think of her when watching them". The artwork is available in her OnRez gallery or in-world at

I never had the opportunity of meeting Gina, but after reading Peter's posts and looking at her artwork, I wish I had met her. 

Peter, it's working.


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