KIssing Booth: The Aftermath, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009 Monday, May 25, 2009

I survived. And had fun, too. This year’s Kissing Booth event was a total success, raising approximately $30,000L for the Relay for Life charity! Can you guess which booth was mine in the image above?
The large donation was the making of those who spent an equally large amount of time making all the arrangements. Shawna Montgomery provided the venue and RFL vendors, Amber DeCuir organized, Natassia Nightfire provided amazing Trek Tunes and party mastermind Haley Salomon made certain it all got done just right.

There were a great many visitors, and it was hard to tell how many in total as many came to do the rounds of the kissing booths and then left. 

Many notable SL’rs were present in the Kissing Booths, including blogger and punster Tymmerie Thorne above. Modest prevents us from publishing any image of her engaging in her feminine charity duties, lest she get in trouble with you-know-who.

Ultra-reporter Hamlet Au graced the venue with his periodic randy taunts at the clientele. After a confusing encounter with a four-headed monster (“which mouth do I kiss?”, and “do you pay once per mouth?”) Hamlet was clearly exhausted.
Mitch Wagner, host of Copper Robot came in a Star Trek outfit, as everyone did - but Mitch did it with a twist. Experienced trekkies will know that any crew member in a red uniform, well, kinda doesn’t make it safely to the end of the episode. Red equals expendable. As you can see, Mitch is partway there, having suffered some brutal damage during ACT 1 of today’s episode. 

Delinda Dyrssen of Tonight Live was so enthralled with my amorous attention that she actually fainted and fell onto the floor. Actually, she did that after kissing anyone!


Podcast Emperor Stuart Warf took a turn in a booth, wearing a very snappy blue uniform.


The mysterious Twitter comedian SecondLie took a turn in a booth. Here we see him puckering up to administer to Gabby Panacek. Watch out for paper cuts, Gabby!

Some of the visitors, including GoSpeed Racer above, enjoyed the Star Trek displays, including a rather amazing transporter that dropped you right into the middle of a perfect replica of the Enterprise’s command bridge. Not surprisingly, every one who teleported into the bridge just had to sit in the captain’s chair.  


And me? Well, I did my duty to all comers. And among the many who partook in the festivities was Codebastard Redgrave


Can you guess who this is? It’s none other than designer Callie Cline. Note how the kiss caused her scarf to rise! It was that good!

Thanks again to all who came by!


Unknown said...

This was so fun! Great wrap-up post and fun pics!

GoSpeed Racer said...

Why didn't I make the cut?

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