For Sale - Again!

Thursday, May 21, 2009 Thursday, May 21, 2009

I swore to myself I would not do it again.

But, I am.

That’s right. This weekend I am for sale. Really! As part of the Relay for Life, I’ve accepted a position in a mysterious device known as a “Kissing Booth” during this weekend’s fund raising Star Trek party. I’ll be accepting Linden Dollars in exchange for.... for, well, you’ll have to find out.

I’m not the only person submitting to the whims of Kissing Booth customers, check out these other SL personalities who will also butter up their lips:

The theme of the party is, of course, Star Trek, and we’re hoping visitors wear Trek outfits or anything spacey. Amazing Star Trek posters wall the party site, and there is even a complete replica of the original Star Trek’s command bridge. You can ride the most realistic trek teleporter right into the bridge and sit in the captain’s chair. After visiting the kissing booths, certainly.

Truthfully, last years episode was a tremendous amount of fun for everyone, as you can see in my report. I’m hoping to have the same effect this year.

You probably want to know when and where the party takes place. It begins at 11:30AM SLT on Sunday, May 24th in Chatrez. When does it end? Hah, how much lip gloss do I have? Here’s the direct SLURL for your convenience. Hope to see you there!


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