Kissing Booth: The Aftermath

Sunday, June 1, 2008 Sunday, June 01, 2008

Normally I try to post items that are instructive, amusing, profound or heartbreaking.

But not today.

Instead, I offer gentle readers a report on my experience at this past weekend's fundraiser for the Relay for Life.

As I had mentioned previously, I placed myself for sale along with notable SL personalities for charity. It's part of the SL Relay for Life event, and some friends were organizing a fundraiser and I thought I should help out.

I hope my efforts were worthwhile, although they were far less than the tireless organizers, Shawna Montgomery and Anhalya Lycia, who must have worked 14 hours each on Sunday. Their work paid off, as the team raised in excess of L$140,000 in a single day at last count.

So what happened? It seemed that this was the event of the day, as there were hundreds of visitors throughout the day, including some very interesting and notable people. And they were doing some very interesting and notable activities, as you shall see below.

Early in the afternoon, for example, we found SL Supermodel Tymmerie Thorne grinding it out with a Kissing Booth customer. Wait a sec - is she supposed to do that with a girl?

Perhaps the most amusing moment was the arrival of CG Linden, tireless leader of the SL software upgrade release team. I am not kidding: when he entered his assigned Kissing Booth, they all suddenly broke down. Coincidence? Perhaps!

I believe Hamlet Au drew perhaps the largest crowd and his witty antics kept everyone nearby in constant ROTFL mode. He's pictured here with Podcaster Nika Dreamscape with fashion photographer Haley Salomon in the background.

As he indicated in his post, Hamlet took on all comers, including Vint Falken (who was briefly seen in natural fleshtone color for a few rare moments just before this snap took place!) Some of us thought Vint had sat upon the wrong Kiss Ball, (male), but she indicated that was not the case. BTW, exactly where is your hand going, Vint?

Podcaster Keeme Brown appeared in a shiny new Tyrannosaurus Rex avatar. The massive avatar bounded rapidly around the area, often accidentally crushing those caught under his thundering feet (including myself, left in a pool of blood!) Fortunately for the Kissing Booth volunteers, Keeme did not attempt to purchase a kiss. It would have been very messy, indeed. He did attempt to dunk Anhalya Lycia by pressing the release lever with his volkswagen-sized beak, but it didn't trigger. I think Keeme felt the Rex was just a bit too big for the venue, so he comprised by transforming into a knee-high Pillsbury Dough Boy and then disappeared. After a search, I found him hiding underneath Haley Salomon's skirt! Bad, Keeme! Bad!

Pictured with Keeme is SS Galaxy Sushi Chef Satu Moreau in what else but an octopus avatar. Several of us pondered the mechanics of kissing an octopus, but as you can see it sort of worked when he latched his suckers onto Tayzia Abbatoir. However, pressin' yo' face into a giant octopus eye is not the most attractive thing to observe. Especially when Satu blinked.

Team co-captain and chief engineer for the day Anhayla Lycia had to contend with all manner of emergencies during the event, ranging from missing signs to Wild Animals, such as this Giant Panda. Also on the loose during the day was a ravenous tiger and several smaller creatures.

One of the most amazing volunteers was Virtual Aviator and blogger Zoe Connolly. Arriving far before her scheduled time slot and staying well after she was scheduled to leave, Zoe assisted greatly by not only kissing anyone nearby with great vigor, but also by publicizing the event through her personal mega-social network.

And that's not all. During her stint in the booth, she had multiple interesting encounters. For example, here we see Zoe mixing it up with SL photographer Loki Popinjay. I think Zoe fainted after this one.

And if she didn't faint from Loki's treatment, she definitely did from this one. I think the throbbing heart particles had something to do with it. (Secret message to Vint: mission accomplished! Thanks for the assignment!)

Yes, the blogging community was very well represented, including four power-bloggers pictured here: Hamlet Au, Vint Falken, Zoe Connolly and myself. Well, at least three power-bloggers, anyway. Sigh.

UPDATE 2 June 2008: GoSpeed Racer, who also spent time in a Kissing Booth has another report on the event, with pictures!

UPDATE 4 June 2008: Jezabell Barbosa, who spent quite a bit of time at the event, posts even more pictures, including herself with CG Linden.


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