Stand Tall!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meta Linden plurked an interesting SLURL the other day: a link to Daden Limited's sim. They are a "Virtual Worlds consultancy and information 2.0 specialist", and the company is demonstrating unique uses of Google maps within The Second Life Virtual World™.

As I normally do, I decided to explore the location after reading Meta's plurk. Frequently I visit places that, while interesting, don’t really warrant a blog post. However, this place certainly does: I had one of those rare “OMG” moments.

The premise of the site is to provide a house-sized google map on which you may walk. A sluggish, but easy to use control panel is used to navigate the map in the same manner we’re used to from In fact, the exact same map data is displayed.

I could not resist but to find my RL location on the map – what else would one do? Having eventually navigated my way there, I then proceeded to walk upon the map itself.

And then something very interesting happened.

I was standing tall, in my very own neighborhood. Very, Very Tall.

The scene was totally familiar, except I was a giant on the street. Striding down well-known paths, I just felt extremely “big”. The map data is only two-dimensional, but when you are standing tall on the map, the viewing angle makes it seem somehow weirdly realistic. You’ll see what I mean when you try it.

You can find the map right here:, but don't step on anyone! (Thanks, Meta!)


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