I'm For Sale - This Weekend Only!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I couldn't say no. So I said yes. It's for charity, after all.

What is it?

I was "volunteered" to participate in the Relay Wizards fundraising event this coming Sunday, where apparently I am to be For Sale in a Kissing Booth! That's right, you supply the Lindens, I supply the kisses and the Relay for Life benefits.

Remember, there are No Exotic Diseases!

I am not the only person participating, as my lip pixels would probably burn out. In fact, several well-known SLebrities are appearing either in the kissing booth, the dunk tank or both:

  • Hamlet Au (Reporter, Author, New World Notes)
  • Tymmerie Thorne (Girl Wonder Speaks)
  • Shawna Montgomery (Queen of Avalon in Tiny Empires)
  • Zoe Connolly (Virtual Aviatrix, Aviatrix::Zoe Connolly)
  • Vint Falken (Photographer, Rezzabler, VintFalken.com)
  • Elexor Matador (King of Sparta in Tiny Empires, Elexor Matador Jewlery, The Family Jewels)
  • Ultralite Soleil (Creator of Tiny Empires)
  • Timeless Prototype (Master Creator, Multi-Tool Creator)
  • Kim Seifert (SL Songstress Extraordinaire)
  • Jack Belvedere (SLHA League Comissioner, SL Hockey League)
  • David Jacobs (RelayForLife Co-Chair)
  • Sweegy Manilow (Creator of the Neo Realms fishing game)
  • RacerX Gullwing (Giant Snail Racer Maker)
  • Lionpride Lassard (DJ)
  • Larry Pixel (CEO of New Media Consortium)
  • Graciella Princess (Royal Media Communications Founder)
  • Hethr Engel (Closet Crisis)
  • Peachy Sassoon (co founder of Drama Libre)
  • Xerxes Sismondi (co founder of Drama Libre)
  • Elizabeth Antontelli

If you happen to be SL-famous, I am sure there are slots open for you, too! Please give me a shout if you feel like taking some Kisses for Charity, and I will hook you up with the organizers.

The event is taking place on Sunday, June 1, from 6AM-6PM SLT. If you want to catch me, I am scheduled to be dunked/kissed between 7AM-9AM SLT at this location:


I am not entirely certain when the other SLebrities are to be "on sale", but please drop by during the day and I am sure you will at least see them. Or a lot more, depending on the depth of your virtual wallet!

UPDATE 29 May : The organizers inform me of a few changes to the list of SLebrities:
  • Random Calliope (Prince of Avalon, Creator Ode Jewelry @ 6AM)
  • NOTE: Miss Vint Falken was scheduled to appear, but will instead appear in a different event at a later date. Vint has offered to take bids to give up cigarettes for up to 17 hours! Stay tuned for more details (Vint, are you CERTAIN you want to do this???)
UPDATE 31 May : This is the schedule of events for the Dunking and Kissing Booths


  • 6am
  • 7am ~ Birdie Fairymeadow ~ Queen of Wight
  • 8am ~ Jack Belvedere ~ SLHA Hockey League Comissioner
  • 9am ~ Hethr Engel ~ Closet Crisis
  • 10am ~ Bourque Rau ~ VHL Brain Freeze Hockey Team
  • 11am ~ DrCyberPHD Hammerer ~ King of Olympus
  • 12 noon ~ Sweegy Mailow ~ Creator Neo Realms Fishing Game
  • 12 noon ~ RacerX Gullwing ~ Creator Giant Snail Racers
  • 1 pm ~ KyraDevon Graves ~ Queen of Terabithia
  • 2 pm ~ Anhayla Lycia, Princess of Avalon
  • 3pm ~ Peachy Sassoon ~ Co-Founder of Drama Libre & Xerxes Sismondi ~ Founder of Drama Libre
  • 3pm ~ Graciella Princess ~ Royal Media Communications Founder
  • 3:30 ~ 4:30pm ~ David Jacobs ~ RelayForLife Co-chair
  • 5pm ~ Ultralite Soleil ~ Creator Tiny Empires Game


  • 6am ~ Random Calliope ~Prince of Avalon, Creator Ode Jewelry
  • 7am - 9am Arminasx Saiman ~ Particle Designer ~ Blogger
  • 8am ~ HALEY Salomon, Princess of Avalon
  • CHANGE: ~Deena Caballero ~ Princess of Wight standing in for Birdie Fairymeadow, Queen of Wight
  • 9am ~ Larry Pixel ~ CEO NMC
  • 10 am ~ Lionpride Lassard ~ DJ
  • 11am ~ Tymmerie Thorne ~ Girl Wonder Speaks
  • 11am ~ Timeless Prototype ~ Multi-Gadget Creator
  • 12 noon ~ Hamlet Au ~ Reporter ~Author ~ New World Notes
  • 1 pm ~ Zoe Connolly ~ Virtual Aviatrix, Aviatrix::Zoe Connolly)
  • 2 pm ~ Shawna Montgomery, Queen of Avalon
  • 3pm ~ King Elexor Matador ~ Master Jeweler ~ King of Sparta
  • 4pm ~ Kim Seifert ~ SL Songstress Extraordinaire
  • 5pm ~ Elizabeth Antonelli, Princess of Avalon


Unknown said...

I am firing up my Binaca as we speak...this should be fun. I am going to write it up on my blog, too, closer to the event. I hope we have people to take pics. I am considering this my bachelorette party.

ArminasX said...

OMG yes! Last night we were preparing the Kissing Booth, and found the default anims were not very interesting. Well, the ladies went shopping and found some replacements...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Oh no!!! I am an engaged woman!! I promised Jerremy that they would be very innocent kisses. I have to be good! I hope the new kisses are not too racy. OMG I am going to have to wear a burqa now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure. I think. Stares at the package of cigarettes. They keep whispering 'smoke me!' 'smoke me!'... :/

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