SLiding Into San Francisco!

Monday, August 10, 2009 Monday, August 10, 2009

Last year was the first time I’d ever attended SLCC (the Second Life Community Convention), and in fact was the first time I met avatars in real life. It was shocking, exhausting, enlightening and endlessly fascinating. I gained many friends who’ve stayed with me ever since, and strengthened many existing virtual friendships.

Yes, I’m going again to SLCC 2009, this time located within the short-range proximity sensors of Linden Lab itself in the heart of San Francisco. I’m expecting the same kind of fun and amazement, with all the incredibly talented folks in attendance.

This year I go with a bit more knowledge of how such a convention works, and even have some friends going, too. Well, at least fifty, according to my list.

I know that some of you wanted to go too, but for financial or other reasons, were unable to make it. I wish you were there too. However, I’ll do my best to tweet/plurk during the event, and most likely will have an extensive writeup afterward.

Just don’t expect me to live-plurk Philip’s entire keynote from my iPhone like I did last year. My fingers never recovered.

Come to think about it, there were quite a few highly amusing plurks, all of which actually happened in real life. Hopefully no one gets arrested this year.

If there's someone attending you'd like me to say hello to, drop a comment here!


HALEY said...

kiss CG for me please!

Unknown said...

Give Crap a kiss on the cheek from me, please!

ArminasX said...

Argh, can't you guys ask me to kiss a pretty girl instead of those guys?

HALEY said...

How about a hot kiss,, for Ivy.and Beven,and Beth

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