SL Bloggers at the Particle Lounge

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Wednesday, September 30, 2009

As promised, the semi-regular SL blogger's get-together went down at my lounge this past weekend. It was terrific fun, thanks to organizer extraordinary Tymmerie Thorne, Haley Salomon and DJ Alicia Chenaux. There were a great many bloggers present, some I had not met and others who were old pals. I did manage to snap a few pictures during the busy event. Well, actually over a hundred, to be honest. Here's just a few.

Space Alien Tymmerie Thorne presided over the event by go-go dancing on one of the floating platforms far above everyone else. She handed out prizes and issued various quote-worthy statements, but I am sworn not to publish them. 

Builder/Blogger Prad Prathivi found it most comfortable under the floor, here seen chatting with Guenevere DeCuir. The elusive Prad chatted with party-goers who kept looking for him, but could not find him.

DJ Alicia took part in the spacey theme by wearing a rather unusual hat. Or is it a hat at all? 

Bone Mosten was completely weaponized, wearing almost nothing but guns!

Veyron Supercharge made an extremely rare SL appearance and thrilled everyone with her usual amazing attire. She wasn't the only rare visitor, as Night Morrisey and a few others also made appearances.

Codebastard Redgrave and Lillie Yifu chat amidst the blue fog. Watch out for those tentacles, Codie!

As the party progressed, things got a little crazy. 

Everyone wore spacey outfits, but my favorite had to be Rosie Barthelmess, whose polar bear avatar wore a space helmet and jet-pack. I can't tell you how amusing it was to dance with a space-helmeted polar bear, bobbing her head up and down in tune with the music. It's not reality, it's SL.


Raul Crimson said...

Oh, what a cool party, you can't imagine how sad i was becuase it was totally impossible to go.

Cool pics and i promise myself i won't miss the next one.

Unknown said...

Very nice pictures! Mine did not come out at all - so thank you for sharing!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Awesome pics! I was running at the lowest SL setting so I wouldn't crash, so I never actually got to see most of the particle effects, or the costumes! LOL! Thank you so much for hosting, it was really a blast!

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