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I read a very interesting post by friend Alicia Chenaux (and linked by New World Notes), in which she inspected her blog stats to discover the hysterically funny keywords readers had used to find her blog. There’s comedy gold hidden in those keywords, which are literally the text people have typed into Google, Bing or other search engines and led them to your page. I decided to take a good look at mine. (Note to self: don’t commit to reading over 4000 keywords ever again.)

Much of the keywords are quite obvious and directly relate to popular posts. But then there are some strange ones. How these led to my blog is a matter of conjecture:
  • "famous french blogs"
  • 2009 email in haskell 81+358 ''''
  • bar graphs on movie ticket sales for 2009
  • effects of ick
  • tooter claxton is the name of the fist's
  • where can you get new effects for cheese

There were a great many “vanity” searches for avatar names. Yes, I saw them all. You Know Who You Are. And then there was this, perhaps an unusual type of advertising?
  • sine wave the biggest store in second life

Some were variations on my more popular posts, such as the avatar naming series:

  • badass avatar names
  • cool ass avatar names
  • need a cool avatar with my name on it

Hm, maybe I need a “cool ass” name?

Some were a bit ominous:
  • second life saiman passwort
  • builderbot download
  • how to copy textures with copybot
  • how to scare renters into leaving
  • linden lab employee bonus

Some revealed deep inner torment:
  • forgot avatar name second life
  • "nobody reads my blog"
  • why can't i find my name on plurk?
  • i am glad you are having fun

Apparently many people see search engines as a close friend who can help or confide in:
  • i see myself as a separate person
  • what are good things to say at confirmation
  • am i engaged?
  • number to call for long distance call
  • ive been busy
  • help! i need a cool avatar name
  • my name can't be that tough to pronounce

One of my good friends is Radar Masukami, but I am now wondering about him:

  • my name is radar
  • second life away from radar

My favorite two keyword searches were kinda personal:
  • armi linden
  • slcc 08 blog armi is cute

Keep ‘em coming!


Anonymous said...

Now I'm starting to wonder about me too! Thanks a lot! :D

Beryl Landar said...

This is hilarious. I find it funny, and sometimes odd that people actually think they are going to find something useful when they use these kinds of keywords. oh well...

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