Peek Into Second Life From The Web!

Thursday, February 4, 2010 Thursday, February 04, 2010

That’s right - you can now go to a web page and view almost any location in Second Life!

I received a note from Chenin Anabuki, Founder and CEO of Avatrian, LLC, who’s built a new service that let’s you do exactly that. The service is quite simple to use:

That's when the fun starts. The service sends a bot to the specified location, which slowly rotates taking pictures. The images are stored on Peek360's server, and then are melded together into a seamless 360 degree panorama. The panorama is loaded into a unique URL that is then sent to the email address you specified earlier. Then just hit the URL and you'll see your own panorama!

Some ideas for using the service:

  • Show your non-SL friends at work what your virtual home or business looks like
  • Email the link to relatives so they can see what you're up to in Second Life
  • Check on your virtual premises while you're at RL work

I suppose spying is also an option, as you could send the bot to any public location at any time. So if you're up to no good and suddenly see "Pararazzi Artful" appear and slowly rotate, you'd better disappear quickly!


HALEY said...

easy to keep a eye on me oo

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