Shady Effects

Sunday, February 21, 2010 Sunday, February 21, 2010

I’ve decided to change the URL for my blog. From now on, you can use this URL:

Wait, you ask - that URL looks just SLIGHTLY suspicious. And you’d be right. But do click on it. Really! It works!

I obtained the new URL from the hilarious ShadyURL service. It works like a URL shortening service, like or, but with a difference: instead of providing a short URL for quick posting, it gives you a Shady URL. Really shady. They definitely work if clicked, but it takes courage to do so.  Did you click on that link above? Come on, try it!

As a service to the SL blog community, I’ve selected a few popular SL Blogs and ran them through the Shady URL service and obtained their new URLs. Click on them, if you dare:

Second Life Blogs becomes

iHeartSL becomes

New World Notes becomes

Torley becomes

SLFreestyle becomes

KittyWitchin becomes

Ana Lutetia becomes

SecondStyle becomes

AlphaVille Herald becomes

Shopping Cart Disco becomes

Second Thoughts becomes

Gwyneth Llewelyn becomes

Dusan Writer becomes

Tymmerie Thorne becomes

All great fun. What's your new shady URL?


Kitty O'toole said...

I take it as a huge compliment that you tested with my blog..but what the chuff did it come up with?! PMSL! Perhaps I'm missing a trick and should rename...

Loving your write up on SL2 by the way:)

Hugs and Noms,

Kitty =^..^=

Creamy Cooljoke said...

HAHAH awesome! I think I may now have to officially change ours, but can I have the horses or gerbil one XD

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