The Curious Case of the Rouge Opening

Sunday, July 6, 2008 Sunday, July 06, 2008

I had the opportunity last night to attend perhaps the biggest non-Linden event this year: the opening of Rouge, a new sim owned by the highly delicious Codebastard Redgrave. Codie, as she is known, cranked up the sim's avatar limit to warp-speed: 90 avatars. And there were 88 at one point when I was there. 

The sim-opening party had everything going for it: an astounding build concept by Eshi Otawara never seen before; fun things to do; incredible DJs; complimentary gifts and "A-List" SLebrities from wall to wall. It was as perfect an event as could be arranged. How did Codie do it? I've been thinking about the truly skilful manner in which this operation was conducted and will write my analysis next week. But for now, let's take a look at the pictures!

Yes, there was a very significant amount of incriminating activity taking place, as you might expect. But where are the pictures? Not here, but safely stored away somewhere for future use...

Blogger, builder and squid-lover Jacek Antonelli sans wings. Jacek recently made the final short list of candidates for Dusan Writer's interface redesign contest. And she is seen here wearing a lot more clothes than many other guests.
Fashionista Celebrity Trollop spent some time at the opening party, especially some, erm, quality time with owner Codie herself. Another famous fashionista, TheDiva Rockin also danced at the party, but modesty prevents me from publishing any pictures of her!
Zoe Connolly keeps appearing in this blog. Why? One reason is that the virtual aviatrix simply is everywhere! She appears at practically every SL event and on every web2.0 service you could name, too. A second reason is, well, just look at the picture!
Blogger CeNedra Rivera and I had a chat during the opening. She's recently posted the results of her very interesting experiment in which she visited locations while wearing different shapes, skins and clothes. As you can imagine, it didn't go too well for the newbie look.

SpiderKitten Mirabeau's colors complemented the Rouge lounge very well. "SK" is one of those people that I first met on Plurk, the new uber-Twitter. It's bad enough when you haven't met the people behind the avatar, but this time I hadn't even met the avatar! Nice to see you in the pixels for the first time, SK!
Designer Callie Cline spends a few moments with DJ extraordinaire Nexeus Fatale, who was one of the many famous DJs to perform at the opening. For reasons unknown, Nexeus did not bug out after his set...

Codie's dance floor included many wonderful particle effects, which of course caught my attention. Fog, stars and some green stuff were flying in all directions providing a certain flavor to those nearby.  I'm pictured here beside self-proclaimed podjacker Crap Mariner with Tenebrous Pau on the right. Complusive tweeter Malburns Writer is floating in the air instead of Crap for some reason.
I'm glad Codie doesn't open a sim every weekend, since I just couldn't keep up. Congratulations, Codie!


Anonymous said...

Bug out? Did you expect me to light stuff on fire? Break the equipment? Cause random damage? :-P

Codie said...

hahahaha XD that was such a cool post. but next time i will require you to post the compromising pictures because that party was crazy! XD

TY dear that was very nice having you with us that night =)


Connie in a Sec said...

I think all the incriminating stuff is in the Rouge flickr feed..Ohh my aching thighs.

Dusan Writer said...

Was an astonishing event. Kudos.

You may not have seen me however, my XML kept getting tangled up in someone's garter so I ended up standing in the far corner.

TheDiva Rockin said...

Hehehe...are you afraid I might retaliate had you posed my booty on your blog?

Wise choice :)

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