Media Week

Thursday, July 31, 2008 Thursday, July 31, 2008

It really seems to be media week here at Electric Pixels. First, as previously mentioned, I appeared on the popular Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe show. According to their press material, each weekly episode of the videocast has up to 20,000 viewers, making it most likely the most popular show in SL these days.

I was impressed by the truly professional organization involved in running this show; it’s not simply Paisley chatting with the guests, which itself is a very challenging task. There is a director to ensure all activities happen correctly and in the right sequence; a producer sets up the show in advance; camera and audio technicians record the event; assistants provide extra hands at any moment, and there is even security present. It’s little different from a RL TV show.

We three guests were required to be present 90 minutes before the show to ensure we knew where to go, what to do, when to do it, in addition to setting all our video, audio and other preferences correctly. Nothing was left to chance, and that is the hallmark of a well-run operation.

I had a ton of fun doing the show, which you can watch by visiting the SLCN.TV site, and I’ve seen blog reports here and here, and even a short Flickr stream here and another here. Thanks to Czq'bqymc for the great photo of my spontaneous combustion and impromptu studio rainstorm above. If you can manage it, try to attend a taping live on most Sundays at 6PM SLT in their Northpoint studio.

As much of a splash as Tonight Live was, there was a second media event this week! I happened to be listening to the audio podcast Podmafia (episode 57 this week), when suddenly host Yxes Delacroix started describing my shop, Electric Pixels! She and Thraxis Epsilon had visited the other night and we had a long chat about many topics. I had no idea they were going to discuss my operation and say nice things. Thanks muchly, Podmafiaers! Podmafioso?

Podmafia is perhaps the most popular SL-oriented podcast today, and is hosted by the trio of Yxes, Stuart Warf and Gomem Desoto. Even though they are very different personalities, they’ve got an amazing chemistry together that you can hear each week. Occasionally they record live in-world where you can not only observe the show, but also might even participate in yourself!

What’s on for next week? Who knows, life is virtual and anything can happen.


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