Tonight is Tomorrow!

Saturday, July 26, 2008 Saturday, July 26, 2008

No, I am not chronologically challenged – I’m talking about an event that’s taking place tomorrow: I’m a guest on Paisley Beebe’s Tonight Live show, perhaps the most popular regularly-scheduled Second Live TV show!

I’ve been doing some work with Paisley lately to produce remote control particle effects for her show and her concerts. She wanted to be able to produce fog, birds and other special effects and I built a very easy to use control panel for her. To me, the major design characteristic was to make it incredibly simple. Somehow I just can’t imagine singing in front of a large crowd while trying to figure out a complicated HUD or paging through menus. The singer should be focused on singing, not pressin’ buttons!

After we completed the remote control project, Paisley wondered if I wanted to be a guest on her show, Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe!  Of course, I accepted immediately. I’ve been to several live tapings of the show and they are always interesting and professionally produced. However, what viewers might not know is that the audience is usually quite lively, and often there are fun chats taking place unbeknownst to Paisley’s guests.

The taping takes place at 6PM SLT Sunday the 27th, at the Northpoint studio, located here. And if you don’t make it to the taping, you can catch the show at later in the week.

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could make it live, probably won't be able to though. I'll definitely watch this one later on tho!

Moggs Oceanlane said...

Damn! I'll be back at work slaving away. For other Aussies with different schedules this converts to:

ACST, CST, +9.3:
10:30 Mon, 28 Jul 08
AEST, EST, K, +10:
11:00 Mon, 28 Jul 08
AWST, WST, H +8:
09:00 Mon, 28 Jul 08

. Probably.

for Paisley Beebe said...

Im looking forward to it also :) I can't wait to see the effects you are going to pull out of your..ah....hat..AmineXs. BTW I used the effects at todays Concert! it was spectacular and yes easy to use amongst the Lagg!! which is allways a really tricky thing. Tonight Live is available now on itunes just search for Tonight Live or Paisley Beebe and you can download it as a weekly Vodcast or on we have over 20 thousand viewers on last count per episode! Unfortunately Moggs most of those are Americans so we cater to them first as far as the time Zone goes...and I get to do the show at 11am my time when the kids are at School!!!!! yay see you there or it will be up on the Web on Monday PDT! Paisley

GoSpeed Racer said...

Hmmm, seems the lively audience banter the show is known for may no longer be welcome.

I was told by a guest that in the Skype backchat that my commentary was unwanted and that I was "Crap Mariner's replacement". The show is exclusively an audio and video event for the live audience and those who watch it the following day. Those at the live show can simply ignore it if they so desire and the guest are told not to read it either.

Many people come to the show just to participate and listen in on the commentary / shenanigans before and during the show. Honestly, if you have an issue about my comments or actions just say so. I do very much appreciate the production and content of the show and I find it to be entertaining and informative. So don't think my motive is to just come there to "bust chops" or be the center of attention.


for Paisley Beebe said...

GoSpeed we have a security device on the stage now due the incredible persistence of some people to get their 2 secs of fame by sitting on the laps of our on stage guests. My guess (and I will check this)is that if you inadvertently got too close to the stage at the end of the show before it got turned off it might have ejected you. To my knowledge no-one "Booted" you. Its always good to check these things before you go public with a grievance. And you are misinterpreting the chat in Skype which is private BTW. How about going to the source before creating a storm in a teacup? maybe you could have saved yourself some angst. Im allways very approachable.

HALEY said...

I thought the whole show was very professionally done. the host and the director were excellent Congratulations .o0 and the guests were very cute

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