Blogger's Party October 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yep, this is another ultra-light post with very few profound thoughts. I managed to attend the most recent Blogger's Party, this month held at the virtual residence of one Veyron Supercharge. It's our tradition that the host gets to choose the party's theme. As usual, Ms. Veyron selected a Slave Auction, which last month raised a considerable amount of Lindens as notable bloggers were put on the block and sold the highest bidder.

Somehow I managed to stay for only 15 minutes as I had RL activities to fulfill and could not place myself for sale, in spite of pleas and begging from certain attendees. In fact, as I prepared to escape, er, go do my RL activities, I mean, I overheard chat contemplating how to sell someone in absentia. Nevertheless, my trusty SL camera did snap a few poor-quality images of the event.

Zoe Connolly, owner of the Second Life Blogger's Ning site and podcaster Nika Dreamscape. 
The lovely CeNedra Riviera, who is alternately quiet and not quiet. Here she was very quiet. 
SL Photographer Extraordinary Raul Crimson and friend Khamudy Mannonen.
Jene Tempura in a dapper full body latex tuxedo (I wonder where he shops?) with Belgian Blogger Vint Falken, as usual in the most amazing outfit. 

These parties are always a lot of fun, but I so often miss them or cannot stay for the duration. I plan to rectify this by hosting one of them in the near future.


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