Halloween Stuff!

Monday, October 27, 2008 Monday, October 27, 2008

It is getting dangerously close to Halloween, and I decided to try something a little different. I prepared a large collection of my Halloween items all together in the seasonal department at Electric Pixels. It's my belief that placing related items together may result in more convenience for the customers, and perhaps even more sales. We'll find out after Halloween.

The Halloween items on display include:

  • CandyGiver - a special gadget that will throw streams of chocolate bars at an intended victim
  • Bat Hair Day - a new effect that produces teeny-tiny bats all around your face. And just for Halloween it's on sale for only 1L !
  • Halo Vampire - a particle halo colored red and black
  • Cloud Vampire - an installable cloud that is a frothy red and black color. Evil!
  • Demon Haze - a very subtle reddish haze appears around you. Everything will be colored
  • Demon Breath - every seven seconds you exhale a blood red breath!
  • ForestFog Vampire - a creepy red and black thin ground fog
  • BatMaker - a brand new effect that makes stationary bats appear around you for a radius of 60m
  • BatMaker Thick - another brand new effect that produces moving bats around you, with a configurable distance up to 96m. Bat a whole sim!
  • Leaves Red/Yellow/Brown Thick or Thin - a variety of falling leaves in different colors and frequencies
  • Quintos Chronometer Halloween/World or US edition - a special "guest product" from our pals at GREENE concept. It's a five-clock strip with either US or World cities on it. What makes it Halloweenish? The clock faces are pumpkins!

I'll keep this special display up until sometime after Halloween. Happy pumpkins, everyone!


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