Last Day to Enter the SL Bloggers’ Mix’n Match!

Thursday, October 30, 2008 Thursday, October 30, 2008

You’re expecting my response to the OpenSpace controversy?

Not today; I intend on doing that later this week. Instead today I post a reminder for the 1st annual SL Bloggers Mix’N Match, which was announced by Vint Falken and myself last week. Tomorrow, 31 October 2008, is the final day for you to enter the event, because this weekend Vint and I will scramble the entries to produce your blogging assignments.

To enter, simply add a comment to this post with your information (which means your Avatar name, Blog name, Blog URL and the Blog topic.) If you don’t understand, just look at one of the other comments and you’ll soon get the idea.

Vint and I are still wondering why certain bloggers have not yet entered? (Hello, Hamlet Au, Luna Jubilee, Veyron Supercharge and numerous others... )

For your reference, here are all 33 entries received as of this writing in alpha order:

  • Ari Blackthorne  -  Why Lindens who face the public get a bad wrap
  • Ari Blackthorne  -  Why is fashionista drama is both a good thing - and a bad thing?
  • ArminasX Saiman  -  The Economics of Freebies
  • Bone Mosten  -  Sounds Like SL
  • Brandy Rasmuson  -  the ways the SL experience is affected by avatars connecting outside SL with sites like plurk and flickr
  • Chestnut Rau  -  What groups can't you live without and why
  • Crap Mariner  -  The Best Moment In Your SL
  • dandellion Kimban  -  SL-specific art and expression forms
  • Danni Ohara  -  A child in an adult world- being a child avatar in Second Life
  • Dusan Writer  -  The deeper meaning of Philip’s hair: if hair is such an important component of the user’s experience of virtual worlds, what does it say that Philip Linden has awful hair? Is he too visionary for prim hair? Is he missing something? What kind of hair would you recommend? (Photos and SLURLs welcome).
  • Eladrienne Laval  -  SL as an Exploration of Culture & Diversity
  • Ganymedes Costagravas  -  Paying it forward: I used my knowledge on [???] to help [stranger(s) / noob(s) / friend(s) you haven’t talked to in ages / ???] today!
  • Gwyneth Llewelyn  -  What will the impact of OpenSim 1.0 be to the SL land economy? (Hint for your text: don’t assume that OpenSim-based grid will be as reliable or as fast as LL’s own; explore the business opportunity of getting cheap, low-cost sims running on low-end, unreliable servers)
  • Joan Kremer  -  Biggest life lessson (first or second life) learned in SL
  • Joonie Jatho  -  Alts in Second LIfe - necessary evil, fun diversion, or an easy way to be dishonest?
  • Kanomi  -  The funniest thing that ever happened to me in SL
  • Kirasha Urqhart  -  Is Second Life Truly a Second Life or an Extension of the First?
  • Meara Deschanel  -  Love and Romance in Second Life
  • Meara Deschanel  -  Do’s and don’t of SL avatar fashion (using pictures as examples!)
  • Merrick Thor  -  Mixing RL and SL - The dynamics and pitfalls of living and playing in SL with your RL significant other
  • Nightflower Blossoming  -  How SL has helped or hurt your RL
  • Noelyci Ingmann  -  Creator vs Consumer
  • Peter Stindberg  -  SL as a tool for personal improvement
  • Prad Prathivi  -  Segregation in Second Life
  • Princess Ivory  -  Gender Identity in SL: Living your SL as the opposite gender.
  • Quaintly Tuqiri  -  Can SL and RL truly be kept separate from each other?
  • radar masukami  -  community in SL
  • Rik / Osiris Pfalz  -  Visions of SL in 5 years time
  • Stuart Warf  -  The future of business in Second Life
  • Teagan Blackthorne (maybe w/ Laynie Link)  -  A history of the birth and emergence of prim hair into Second Life as a thriving business and culture.
  • Tiessa Montgolfier  -  Write a true story of your early personal experiences in SL, including humor, a touch of sex (or innuendo), and some new surprise you discovered about yourself through your introduction to SecondLife. Similar to my Mistress Strangelove series of posts.
  • Tymmerie Thorne  -  Toilets in SL: Yes? Or no? Discuss
  • Vint Falken  -  The evolution of SLex
Stay tuned for the weekend scramble!


Camilla said...

Wow - lots of great topics here! I can't wait to see which one I get assigned.

But you are right - where are some of the "heavyweight" big name bloggers? They are too busy writing about the voids crisis to have noticed, perhaps?

Come on guys (and gals), sign up. This will be fun! (and no more about the voids - we don't want to all end up having to write about them!)

I'm looking forward to reading some great writing. And I'm looking forward to being challenged to produce some of my own.

Princess Ivory

I'm off to post a link on my blog to drive a little more traffic to the sign ups.

Princess Ivory

Camilla said...


I blogged you to get the word out.

Also suggested in my blog,and I think on Vint's blog as well, that you might want to consider releasing just a few entries at a time over days or weeks. Keeps traffic and demand up on your blog, and gives us all time to read them and do them justice.

If released all at once it will be much harder for me to spend that much time to read them all, and some of the entries are bound to fall through the cracks. I'd rather give each one my full and undivided attention, and not worry about how many more in the post there still are to read on the 12th. Just some food for thought!

Princess Ivory

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