Mix'N Match Assignments Ready!

Sunday, November 2, 2008 Sunday, November 02, 2008

As you may have read last week, Vint Falken and I proposed a massive blog swap for this week. We have had an amazing 56 people enter the event, from all manner of SL-related blogs, including Blog.SecondLife.com!

A random scramble of topics and blogs has resulted in specific writing assignments for all the entrants. You can view the assignments here. We will send detailed assignments, including email addresses, directly to the participants so that they will know how to contact the blog they are to publish on.

I must say that I did fear the worst when opening up the idea of writing on anything SL related. But my fears were completely unfounded, as the all of the topics suggested were very interesting and I am looking forward to reading the resulting posts. Thanks to all for the terrific topics, and for volunteering your blog to host all of these posts.

Vint has written up the official instructions to follow from this point:

Write your blogpost.

Check on the .pdf which we emailed you what you'll be writing about and for whom. Write an well-researched, incredibly funny and kick-ass blogpost that exists of a maximum of 1000 and a minimum of 500 words. There should be at least one snapshot/illustration/graph/... to go with it. Make sure those are 'safe for work'! You will email both to your 'blog host', the person that will be publishing the article before Sunday November 9th 2008.

Publish the blogpost

All blogposts should be published on Wednesday November 12th*, the format for that:

Introduction by 'blog host' (optional)
Blogpost and pictures. Style at will.
Author name (+ link to his/her blog)
Person who suggested the subject (+ link to his/her blog)
Link to the blog where your blogpost will appear (optional)
Link to the person who will blog the subject you suggested (optional)

* Most blog platforms allow you to 'pre schedule' blogpost, so you can't forget to publish it. Of course we will also send out an email reminder to you.

Let Vint or ArminasX know

Drop Vint or ArminasX an email to tell them you've published the post, that way they can include it in their overview list.

No trading topics or blogs!

No trading topics or blogs! Period.


If there is any confusedness, or if you and your 'assigned writer', or you and your 'blog host' don't get along, we are more than willing to be the impartial persons you can complain to. You know our emails. (But you should first try to solve this as mature adults. Except for the ones whom are writing about SLdrama maybe!)

Finally, you can posts your enthusiastic comments on a Vint's special project page. Good luck, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wooot! /me <3 our baby! ;)

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