1st Annual SL Blogger's Mix'n Match Posting Update

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today is the day, and the postings are appearing. I've prepared a list of the postings that have occurred as of this writing. Note that not all participating blogs have a post yet. This could be due to several reasons:

  • The blog post author did not submit a post to the host on time
  • The blog host forgot or was not able to post the submission

I'll try an update this as events unfold, but it appears that we have an excellent list of posts available already. I have also corrected a few errors in the previous list. Good work, everyone!

UPDATED 14 November 21:00 CST ... Now includes direct links to Mix'n Match posts.

Alphonsus's Random Drivel POSTED

Unique Needs POSTED


The News from BardHaven POSTED

Torley Lives POSTED


Botgirl's Second Life Diary POSTED

Writing the Sonnet POSTED

Common Sensible POSTED

The blog of Danni- Christian Socialist Computer Addict POSTED

Dusan Writer's Metaverse POSTED

Eladrienne's Other Life POSTED

What is this crap? POSTED

Free Finds For Men POSTED

Gany's take on (any) life POSTED


Girl Wonder Speaks...About SL POSTED

Gwyn's Home POSTED

Harper's Bizarre POSTED

Her Royal Highness, Princess Ivory POSTED

Ingmann Design Group POSTED

Joonie's Journey POSTED


Wonderland Travels POSTED

One Girl | Two Worlds

Living in the Metaverse POSTED


Constructs of a Mind POSTED

My SLife on the D List POSTED

n0nSLensical!! POSTED

Nightflower POSTED

Tenth Life POSTED

The Poultry Report POSTED

Quirky Quaintly POSTED

Reading Radar

click heard round the world POSTED

Stories From Another Life POSTED

Samantha Speaks POSTED

Second Effects POSTED

The Shockwave Writer POSTED

SL Fashion Avengers POSTED

Socially Mundane POSTED

Second Stindberg POSTED

The Insane Life of Stuart Warf


The Dressing Up Box POSTED

The Winter Market POSTED

All Things Tiessa POSTED

Tiyuk's Second Life Adventures POSTED

What the Fug?

Wild Words POSTED

Metaversally Speaking POSTED

Avatrian POSTED

JohanYugen.co.uk POSTED

Second Life of My Dreams POSTED

Vint Falken POSTED

Writers in the (virtual) Sky POSTED

Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly

Stay tuned for even more updates!


Anonymous said...

I never received the post from the blog author assigned. If it comes today, I'm not posting it as it was due to me on the 9th so I could publish today.

Nadine Nozaki said...

I missed a follow up question from Shockwave, I think she post as soon she gets back up and running.

Joonie said...

I didn't see my topic about alts anywhere. I believe Wildstar wrote the blog entry. I'd be willing to post it on my blog. :) I want to know what was he wrote! LOL

Anonymous said...

The post at The News from BardHaven is up, and I have submitted my post to Avatrian, which is not listed here.


Anonymous said...

First, thanks for the whole operation - really enjoyed it.

I was just thinking, however. I presume it's not a no-no to publish your own contribution to your own blog (after the due date for the mix'n match, ideally).

For those people who did a post and it wasn't published, it seems the only choice (and shame, but hey - sometimes things crop up).

Maybe, if you do this again, it's worth putting something in the instructions about 'and you're free to put it on your own blog within 48 hours' or something. That way, you reach more people (well, obviously. Even if you put a link to where your contribution is, that means an extra click for lazy readers (like myself at times).

Kanomi said...

I don't think Katt's going to do a post :O

Jordyn Carnell said...

Actually.. the post did come thru.. Link: http://midcourt.blogspot.com/2008/11/feelings-nothing-more-than-feelings.html

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