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Saturday, March 14, 2009 Saturday, March 14, 2009

I’m always up for an experiment, particularly a business experiment. I’ve been hinting recently at starting up a new business venture, and today we’re launching it. It’s quite different from my other operation, the Electric Pixels Particle Shop.

The new venture is called AvaModo, and it’s business is to help new residents overcome the difficulties of virtual appearance. AvaModo will provide top-class white glove treatment through the entire process.

In chat rooms all communication is done via text, and the only aspect that distinguishes one is their style of writing and typing. But virtual reality is a different form of communication, where it’s more than just type. Your appearance is also very important.

Why? Like real life, feelings are stirred by the visual appearance of an avatar. If the avatar is of the opposite gender, you may feel and act a bit differently, for example. If the avatar is a common, default model, you may feel the personality behind it is new and doesn’t really know much about Second Life – and you automatically treat them a little bit differently without even noticing it.

New residents often arrive in the virtual world and mistakenly assume the protocols are the same as the chat rooms they are familiar with. But they’re quite wrong, and don’t realize the effects of their default avatar until much later. They could be taken less seriously than more carefully prepared avatars.

Well-composed avatars do attract attention, but preparing one is actually a difficult and time consuming task, particularly if you are a new resident that doesn’t yet know what to buy and how to arrange items. I know many readers of this blog spend considerable time working on their appearance, but those readers already know how to do this. Instead, AvaModo focuses on new residents who need a quick start to their virtual appearance.

What happens with new residents who don’t know what to do? Two possibilities: they proceed with a default appearance and unknowingly suffer silent discrimination, or they might happen to have a knowledgeable friend who can painstakingly take them through the detailed process of developing a unique and effective avatar.

But now there’s a third way: AvaModo. Our staff includes avatars with considerable experience doing just that: creating unique avatars in record time. European residents will work with Amber DeCuir, while Western Hemisphere activities will be handled by my business partner, Haley Salomon. We’ll conduct a personalized assessment to determine your precise needs, and then prepare a unique and coordinated avatar design including shape, skin, hair, animation and even a starter wardrobe to enable you to project the exact personality you want.

AvaModo is not for everyone; it’s designed for new residents who need a quick start, for example if they are to attend an important business meeting or interview in Second Life and they are not sufficiently experienced to create an appropriate avatar on their own. Even more elderly avatars could use AvaModo if they just can’t manage to make themselves look good.

If you are in need of a complete make over, or know someone who does, please send them directly to AvaModo!


Peter Stindberg said...

That is a great idea, but how do you want to advertise it to those who really need it - new players - and will they be able to afford it?

ArminasX said...

That is a good point, Peter, you are correct in that different advertising channels are required. And of course, we'll only be dealing with those who can afford the service.

CronoCloud said...

This is a good idea, but it turns out no one wants to pay for makeover services in SL, except perhaps a few RL journalists wanting a quick in to looking pretty for an article.

ArminasX said...

@CronoCloud - yes, that's precisely what we are trying to do. No one who reads this blog would really want or need such a service, but it turns out that professionals entering the world for business actually do need a service like this. For example, I was on a panel the other week with some RL scientists, who were fascinated with my virtual shirt. That's the type of client we're seeking.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea ArminasX. Sounds you can succeed as long as the right marketing channels are approached :o)

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