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Friday, March 20, 2009 Friday, March 20, 2009

[UPDATE  2] After publication of this list, I have received numerous (100+) requests for inclusion, as well as pointers several excellent blogroll and feed sources. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! It's going to be a lot of work, but some helpers and I are attempting to redo this list once again to include the missing and apply some suggested refinements. Stay tuned for the update.

[UPDATE] Due to popular demand, I've fixed up the list a bit by adding in data for missing blogs that have been requested in the comments. Unfortunately, approximately half of the suggestions have no Technorati data, so I was unable to slot them in. I have also fixed up a couple of ranking errors.

Last week I published a first attempt at a comprehensive list of Second Life-related blogs. Well, it wasn’t as accurate as it could have been, as several readers suggested blogs that were not included, and some blogs were, um, kinda dead. So I promised to make a better list and republish.

I should not have made that promise.

Why? Well, after hours and hours of programming, manually checking blogs, data cleansing, sorting, rechecking and formatting, three things have occurred:

Eye problems aside, the list is much better, although I still expect there to be some inaccuracies remaining. Here’s what I did:
  • Included additional sources of blogs from more feed lists, known missing items and of course reader suggestions
  • Manually checked every one (yes, all 1800+ of them) briefly to ensure that they still exist, contain SL-related content and are active
  • Removed inactive blogs - those being blogs that have not published in the previous six months (your definition of inactive might be more aggressive than mine, but I had to choose something.) While I didn’t keep track, I must have tossed out over 1,000 dead blogs. It seems that most of the published long lists of SL blogs are riddled with dead entries
  • Re-ran the Technorati scan to obtain current rankings
  • Fixed the Technorati rankings as best I could by hand
  • Sorted and formatted the list of 572 surviving blogs. And I removed the troublesome Technorati rank.

Wait a moment! “Fixed the rankings?” Yep, it turns out that the Technorati API that provides the rankings is notoriously inconsistent. It seems to give bad results for one out of every ten blogs. I had to manually inspect and correct many (over 100) blogs that appeared to be out of order. In the end I removed the rank from the list as it varies from day to day and cannot be trusted. Thanks a lot, Technorati! Nevertheless, I believe the rankings to be reasonably close to reality.

In spite of the many, many hours I’ve spent creating this list, I am certain there are more errors hidden in the list, and several missing blogs. If you don’t see your blog listed, I either missed it or more likely Technorati simply doesn’t return any results for that specific blog. My apologies in advance to anyone I’ve missed!

One more thing: blogs change URLs or names, cease publication, start up and disappear all the time, so I am afraid this list will be obsolete by next week. Sorry, guys!

And now, the definitive ranked list of active Second Life blogs:

# 1 Massively
# 2 Official Second Life Blog
# 3 iheartsl.com Second Life's largest community blog
# 4 New World Notes
# 5 VintFalken.com
# 6 Torley Lives
# 7 Not Possible IRL
# 8 Fabulously Free in SL
# 9 Free*Style
# 10 Ana Lutetia inSL
# 11 Dusan Writer's Metaverse
# 12 Rezzable
# 13 Prokofy Neva
# 14 Second Style Fashionista
# 15 Shopping Cart Disco
# 16 Gwyn's Home
# 17 UgoTrade
# 18 Kzero
# 19 SL iReports: Your news of a virtual world - Blogs from CNN.com
# 20 Achariya.net
# 21 Virtually Blind | Virtual Law
# 22 Alphaville Herald
# 23 The Click Heard Round the World
# 24 What Is This Crap?
# 25 Fashion Victim
# 26 Slmen
# 27 The Metaverse Journal - Australia
# 28 Mermaid Diaries: Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Adventures
# 29 Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly
# 30 El Opinador Compulsivo
# 31 Living in the Metaverse
# 32 Second Effects
# 33 The Electric Sheep Company: Blogs
# 34 The ARCH
# 35 Corduroy
# 36 Men's Second Style
# 37 DIP's Dispatches from the Imagination Age
# 38 It's Only Fashion
# 39 maitreya
# 40 Your2ndPlace - Comments
# 41 Closet Crisis
# 42 casa del shai
# 43 CodeBastardRedgrave.Com
# 44 Ewing Fashion Agency
# 45 Botgirl's Second Life Diary
# 46 Ch'know?
# 47 Are we not men?
# 48 Alliance Virtual Library
# 49 Verbal Stew
# 50 Hibernia on the Skids
# 51 Designing Nicky Ree
# 52 3pointD.com
# 53 Prim Perfect
# 54 The Heliograph
# 56 Geta
# 57 Be Less Stupid!
# 58 Tuli's blog
# 59 Girl Wonder Speaks...about Second Life
# 60 Soign
# 61 Second Arts
# 62 Ivalde`s Heim
# 63 Kitty Witchin
# 64 SL Fashion Notes
# 65 SL Fashion Police
# 66 Fleur Skins
# 67 'Kota's Knickers
# 68 :: Dutch Touch :: Outlet - Second Life
# 69 M is for Myg
# 70 caLLie cLine
# 71 An Engine Fit For My Proceeding
# 72 Ophelia Drowns
# 73 Second Stindberg
# 74 CeN's Two Cents
# 75 My SLife on the D List
# 77 Common|Sensible
# 78 Canimal.
# 79 APLINK - itsReal
# 80 artilleri
# 81 Uma's Style Diary
# 82 MindBlizzard blog
# 83 Clyde
# 84 The News from BardHaven
# 85 Ryker Beck dot COM
# 86 Reading Radar
# 87 Kyoot
# 88 Ambling in Second Life
# 89 chignon - a Virtual Style Blog
# 90 Fashion Consolidated
# 91 Second Life of Dreams
# 92 Phasing Grace | Social Architecture and Virtual Worlds
# 93 SL Fashion Avengers
# 94 More Than Meets the Eye
# 95 SLOG
# 96 -Ana Lutetia-
# 97 GoSpeed Racer a Second Life Avatar
# 98 Brooklyn is Watching
# 99 GoSpeed Racer a Second Life Avatar
# 100 Through my eyes..
# 101 ~silentsparrow~
# 102 Long Awkward Pose
# 103 Around the Grid
# 104 Half Arsed
# 105 Tenth Life
# 107 Dedric Mauriac
# 108 Philotic Energy
# 109 Fashion Labyrinth
# 110 Another blog!
# 111 Digital Image
# 112 Carissa's Closet
# 113 Discursos do Outro Mundo
# 114 Dwell On It
# 115 Eladrienne's Other Life!
# 116 Grid Expectations
# 117 Nexeus Fatale
# 118 Aspire Model Management
# 119 Mui Mukerji
# 120 Draconic Kiss
# 121 r u n w a y + k i d z
# 122 The Realm of the Red Rose
# 123 SiniStyle Decapitated
# 124 cognitive dissonance
# 125 My Second Closet
# 126 Radio Riel
# 127 Ingmann Design Group
# 128 GuRL 6
# 129 *ICING* Second Life Vintage inspired Fashions by Miko Omegamu
# 130 Koreshan Pointe
# 131 SugarCube;Memoirs of Second Life
# 132 Veyron's Adventures in Second Life
# 133 Looker Lumet
# 134 { Zaara }
# 135 SLimply the Best
# 136 JUICYBOMB | All the Juiciest in Second Life!
# 137 A Stroll Through Caledon
# 138 All Ears in Second Life
# 139 Alysha's Second Life
# 140 Architecture +
# 141 Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry
# 142 On Your Toes
# 143 starley.com
# 144 MONTA
# 145 PERSONA's Blog
# 146 Business Communicators of Second Life
# 147 adam n eve
# 148 Fallobst
# 149 *AnnaH*
# 150 LaBicyclette
# 151 Muse Fine Jewelry
# 152 Ravishal Ramblings
# 153 bijouaholic
# 154 Cylindrian's Grace Notes
# 155 CronoCloud Creeggan, Virtual Fashionista
# 156 Rheta
# 157 Studio Wikitecture: Opening Architecture
# 158 SLShop-a-holic
# 159 Songs from The Nightingale
# 160 ~flirt~
# 161 Pandora's box
# 162 Less Than 3
# 163 Whole Lotta Rosie!
# 164 Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.
# 165 My Digital Double
# 166 She's So Unusual
# 167 セカンドな日常 - livedoor Blog(ブログ)
# 168 SySy's
# 169 Tres Blah
# 170 UberNoggin
# 171 What *IS* Willis Talking About?
# 172 Timothy's Second Life Experience
# 173 Muism
# 174 The Minor Mishaps and Adventures of Skusting Dagger
# 176 Mischief
# 177 Second Tense
# 178 Royal Blue
# 179 Shoshana's Musings
# 180 Punch Drunk
# 181 What's New ?
# 182 Red-Headed Step-Child
# 183 Just me, dinee
# 184 Alienbear Jewelry Design
# 185 MG fashion
# 186 Exiled in SL
# 187 Mimikri hot couture
# 188 Chey's Second Life Blog
# 189 Metaversal Arts
# 190 Unique Needs!
# 191 Aenea's Second Life
# 192 Harajuku Box
# 193 Refuge
# 194 Hey Girlfriend
# 196 Virtual Silks and Fantasy Review
# 197 All Things Tiessa
# 198 Fashionality
# 199 How's your world?
# 200 PixelDolls...
# 201 Second Life Male Style and Fashion
# 202 Tori's Blog
# 203 Wrath Paine
# 204 The Journal of Dr. Darien Mason
# 205 House of Nyla
# 206 Sascha's Designs - Elegant Ballroom Gowns
# 207 Diversity Hair
# 208 Lady Adventuress
# 209 Loki's musings on first and second life
# 210 amiko*amikino
# 211 Evans Avenue Exit
# 212 The Winged Girl Blog
# 213 ShopArmidi.com
# 214 Tao's Thoughts on Second Life
# 215 glamourazzi
# 216 The New Observer
# 217 Dot in Second Life
# 219 My Virtual World
# 220 Content Confessional
# 221 -Analise-
# 222 Best of Both Worlds
# 223 Poid Mahovlich
# 224 Bitter Thorns Blog
# 225 First Impressions
# 226 KessKreations
# 227 Berry's Blog
# 228 Designing Insanity
# 229 Truth
# 230 Virtually Dressed
# 231 Diamonds and Rust Podcast
# 232 Honour's Post Menopausal View
# 233 Alienbear Gupte Virtual Life
# 234 *AC Aphrodite Creations*
# 235 Inspired - Kawaii Fashion in Second Life
# 236 It's A Scaggs Life!
# 237 Sin Trenton
# 238 Ramblings of a Red Headed Kitten
# 239 Second Life: Music, DJs, Nightlife, Art and Creativity
# 240 SN@TCH
# 241 Vanity Universe
# 242 Virtual Neko in Second Life
# 243 Willowing Wisps
# 244 iCandy
# 245 SLink
# 246 STELLAR by Lexi Morgan
# 247 The Rummage Box
# 248 The Connolly Telegraph
# 249 A Second Look
# 250 Bliss Beningborough Couture
# 251 Experiments with Avatars
# 252 Avenue Models
# 253 avocatio virtualis
# 254 #NAME?
# 255 PXL Creations
# 256 Ambergris Deadly Fashions
# 257 Imperial Elegance
# 258 Oh, hush!
# 259 Passionate Neko Dreams
# 260 ArtsPlace SL
# 261 Charity Dogsbody's Booke of Sensible Advice
# 262 CONNIE in a SEC
# 263 secondguru
# 264 The Life of Abigail Raymaker
# 265 Fallobst
# 266 Zippora's life
# 267 Nyte'N'Day Official Blog
# 268 The ramblings of Violet
# 269 The Winter Market
# 270 Y Me | digitally encoded genetic machismo
# 271 YABU SIM
# 272 Proceedings of the Royal Society
# 273 Free Speerit
# 274 Genevieve Lutetia
# 275 Nimil
# 276 Second Wave Fashion
# 277 Punk Shack
# 278 La Sylphide
# 279 Emery
# 280 Phantom's Republic
# 281 Second Life Shopping Sherpa
# 282 Beth's Second Life
# 283 Decoy
# 284 Lo Lo
# 285 overcooked
# 286 Popfuzz
# 287 Shep Korvin - Blog is the new Black
# 288 everyday second life
# 289 Miss Cornelia Rothschild
# 290 Moonshine Clothing
# 291 The Lady and The Tramp
# 292 Woo's!
# 293 Lick, Don't Bite
# 295 LF Fashions
# 296 Pedro Meya Marty - Agentur f
# 297 Second Life Stylewatch
# 298 The Dressing Up Box
# 299 Vitamin Ci
# 300 Crimson Flow
# 301 Omega Point | A blog by Catherine Winters
# 302 Sunn's World
# 303 Moggs - a second life
# 304 Glamorpuss
# 305 Blunt Fashion Sense
# 306 L o s t A n g e l . H e a d q u a r t e r s
# 307 ma vie d'avatar: ma vie sur second life
# 308 SLC
# 309 Novocaine
# 310 Beta Technologies
# 311 IYan Writer in virtual worlds
# 312 Little Gems from My Second Life
# 313 ::eLDee::
# 314 Curious Kitties Island Update Blog
# 315 LaynieWear
# 316 ::ANA_Mations::
# 318 Digital Dragon Designs
# 319 Digital Eyes
# 320 imagendivine.com
# 321 Kathar.in
# 322 Meet the Petermans
# 323 Pix3lizeD Th0ughTs
# 324 The Diary of a Caledonian Baroness
# 325 500 Year Diary
# 326 Accessories by Eolande
# 327 Honey Wendt in Second Life
# 328 Ingenue
# 329 Kabalyero
# 330 Solange! Fashions
# 331 A Piece of Candy
# 332 DragonFly Designs, Inc.
# 333 Alphamale
# 334 Kryptonia's Weblog
# 335 Ai Baroque on Wordpress
# 336 DrFran Does SL
# 337 I Make HUDDLES
# 338 The Fashionable Heart
# 339 Eyana Yohkoh's Blog
# 340 Metaverse Law
# 341 Sensual Designs
# 342 Digital Knickers
# 343 Mela's
# 344 Posh Pride
# 345 Ravenwear: The Anti-Trend
# 346 Scripter Syndrome
# 347 Sio's Second Life
# 348 The Cindy Kesey Show
# 349 Eloise's thoughts and fancies
# 350 Second Life's a Drag!
# 351 The Virtual Version
# 352 Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts
# 353 Winter Moon
# 354 Eclipse
# 355 Hairapy
# 356 theshadow's Alternative Second Life Fashions
# 357 VictoriaV Fashion
# 358 Vidal's Dolly Realm
# 359 World of IBIZARRE
# 360 Aether Chronicles
# 361 EarthStones
# 362 DollyRock: Second Life Clothes
# 363 I'm a Gracie Girl!!
# 364 Freda's Fine Fashion Magix
# 365 :The Cute Institute
# 366 The Bon Mots of Phineas Matova
# 367 BijouxOr Gold Jewelry
# 368 =^.^= Neko Gear =^.^=
# 369 The Excellent Second Life of Chartreuse Muni
# 370 [CRAP] Fashion
# 371 Awesome Designs
# 372 Catt's Creations
# 373 Gwendolyn Cassini Creations and Scripts 'r Us
# 374 Illuminati Designs Updates
# 375 Just fine
# 376 MAU's
# 377 Niki's Notes
# 378 Rustica
# 379 SubliminaLuminations
# 380 Argent Eyes
# 381 CTK
# 382 Fashion Predator
# 383 Frequency's Oscillations
# 384 Jolie's Boutique
# 385 Material Squirrel
# 386 Ookami Ningen
# 387 Ribbons Learns to Swim
# 388 Serenity Mercier
# 389 comme il faut - by Moire Georgette - virtual fashion
# 390 Hexed (Formerly Escape)
# 391 Second Life - Notizie e Commenti su Second Life
# 392 Second Life Games
# 393 Subtle Submission
# 394 The Antiquity Gazette
# 395 The Chilbo Road Press
# 396 Viva La Glam.
# 397 Comments for Yxes Muses
# 398 Glass Earth
# 399 Izzyisms
# 400 Livin
# 401 Not Your Typical Lady
# 402 Project Q/Gematria
# 403 SinSkins
# 404 SlCoolMag
# 405 Soda - Bubbly Fashions
# 406 Cala - Transgender in Second Life
# 407 2nd Lifer
# 408 Mascha Boa's Fashion
# 409 Prissy Pixels
# 410 Reaction - a Surfers Revolution
# 411 *~*HopScotch*~*
# 412 Bewitched Designs
# 413 Cailyn's - Classic Jewelry
# 414 Dings Digital's Diary
# 415 First Flower
# 416 good deeds of a sailor to be
# 417 JetDoll
# 418 Kyra's Kloset
# 419 Mashooka Designs
# 420 pixie dust and tantrums...
# 421 Rich Desoto
# 422 Second Life at hand
# 423 Second Mirage
# 424 Selling in Secondlife
# 425 Calico Ingmann Creations
# 426 enkythings - Virtual High Heels
# 427 Larue
# 428 Machinations of an Evil Tiny Kitty
# 429 Newbe's Steam Powered Blog
# 430 Steamjunk
# 431 Studio Sidhe
# 432 Taunt
# 433 TimeForce 10
# 434 Tuli's Favorites
# 435 !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
# 436 Daikon Forge
# 437 Liquid Velvet Studio Designs
# 438 rosemary galbraith
# 439 Second Life Conceptual Creations
# 440 The Velvet Room
# 441 Torrid Tales of a Compulsive Swooner
# 442 AMACCI
# 444 Beq's adventures in second life
# 445 Fortunate Productions
# 446 A2NZ : When creativity goes global
# 447 deadaswe's weblog
# 448 Interests of Isolde Flamand
# 449 Vignette
# 450 ~Serenity Style~
# 451 Beats n' Pieces
# 452 Burroughs Jewellery and Eyes
# 453 Caledon Early Bird Social Club
# 454 Dreambits
# 455 E.Laval Fine Clothing
# 456 Fetch Alternative Blog
# 457 Forceme Silverspar's adventures in Second Life
# 458 House Of RFyre
# 459 INDIRA BEKKERS - Second Life Fashion
# 460 Samantha Speaks
# 461 sf design - avatar clothing by swaffette Firefly
# 462 **THE CLOSET**
# 463 Explorations of the White Foxx
# 464 Gideon Television Superstar
# 465 Iron Raptor
# 466 Nicola Escher - Journal
# 467 Sparkle-Skye
# 468 Tamed Frustration
# 469 The Family Jewels
# 470 Virtual World Business.com
# 471 Warm Winter Nights
# 472 Woolly Wildcat Writings
# 473 Angie Mornington
# 474 For All Your Household Needs
# 475 From the Flames
# 476 Jana's Classic Designs
# 477 Make Money Online With Richard Palace
# 478 Marion in Wonderland
# 479 Mirrorlabs: Skin Studio Blog
# 480 Quarter Life Crisis
# 481 Soliel Snook
# 482 The Llama's Den
# 483 The Second Life Great Expedition
# 484 Veronique's Second Life
# 485 Wild Thing - Male Clothing
# 486 Meta.Live.Nu
# 487 Skidz Partz On Secondlife
# 488 Contest Central by Impressione
# 489 powers of creation
# 490 Hair Solutions
# 491 MRO SHOW ** LIVE **
# 492 secondfluid
# 493 :!:Lavish Style:!: by Katy Angel
# 494 [Poptart]
# 495 Acedia Diary
# 496 Asri Falcone Originals
# 497 Derek
# 498 Diary of an avatar
# 499 Elegance Hats
# 500 Goto Desoto
# 501 LDinSTL says:
# 502 Mael's Mindforge
# 503 Oh no Crippy Oh
# 504 Ordinal's Cabinet of Ephemera
# 505 Rave Nation Blog
# 506 .: Na
# 507 ~KorvinKreations~
# 508 A NEKO's LIFE in SL
# 509 AudSLife
# 510 Balderdash- Bagatelle and Trinketry
# 511 Baronial Notations
# 512 Diva Designs
# 513 Eye Candy Designs
# 514 Fae Designs
# 515 Fashionably Dead
# 516 From The Eye Of The Storm
# 517 Frontier's Horizon
# 518 Fuel
# 519 Ki-Squared
# 520 Makeda Cole
# 521 Mal Burns Annex
# 522 Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
# 523 My Second Life is the New First
# 524 Paw Prints
# 525 RaceSL
# 526 sezmra.com
# 527 Something Different
# 528 SYD: Style Your Destiny
# 529 Taffy Apple Designs
# 530 Tea Monster
# 531 Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic
# 532 TorridWear
# 533 trash palace - electronic music club
# 534 Treasured Visions
# 535 Tully in Second Life
# 536 Tweaktocracy
# 537 Violet Voltaire
# 538 Wildefire Walcott's Mistressy Musings
# 539 Your Godless Goddess
# 540 Anti Cute Clothing Second Life
# 541 BiancaF
# 542 Brigid Ashwood Fantasy Artist
# 543 Caliburn Susanto
# 544 Essentia
# 545 Handbags
# 546 Mannon's Fashion
# 547 Mircat
# 548 Mollster's
# 549 OOpS
# 550 Random Acts of Style
# 551 Return to Secondlife
# 552 Ships of the Line
# 553 Khaos Klub Information Website
# 554 Blog of House of Lu; Paper Couture
# 555 Caliente Express
# 556 celtgrrl
# 557 Ephemeral Creations
# 558 Flower and Willow
# 559 ICoN
# 560 Inside Second Life
# 561 Life by Proxy
# 562 Made for No Reason
# 563 Metaverse Week in Review
# 564 Miriel in the Metaverse
# 565 newly born
# 566 NPSL: Nonprofits in Second Life
# 567 Riven's Nest
# 568 Savoir Hair
# 569 Second Life Blogosphere
# 570 Second Life Fashion Addict
# 571 Second Spice
# 572 ShenS Blog
# 573 Skin Within
# 574 Stella's Mall on Stella Isle
# 575 Sweetest Sin
# 576 Technopaideia
# 577 The Agile Mind
# 578 the Artists' tea party
# 579 The Source of Power
# 580 Trin's Tantrums
# 581 Voodoo Style
# 582 Welcome to the Train-Wreck Love Life
# 583 Women of Second Life
# 584 Yoshino's Second life blog
# 585 Zagoskin Haute Couture

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Cajsa Lilliehook said...

I feel just so mean to mention that you forgot me - lol.
It's Only Fashion


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

oh and you missed Analu!!


and Fashion360


Wolfie! said...

ahh mine were not there, they're not always about secondlife, but I do try: This one is connected to my Secondlife gameshow, which is about pop music: "Rockit" http://wolfiesrockit.blogspot.com/
and this one is just my general thoughts page "Wolfie's World - A Werewolf in Secondlife": http://wolfiesworld-oz.blogspot.com/


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Wow Gogolita isn't here o.O


Voshie said...

Aww you missed a few I read/write for regularly hehe, but rezzable.com and nocturnemodelling.com/blog/

Thank you for this list though, and if i did miss those there, I'm sorry! But thanks again! <3

Peter Stindberg said...

ah, there goes my ego.... From bein #50 in the previous list to #69 in this. But then again, 69 isn't that bad ;-)

GREENE concept is not in again? I can't beleive it's not under the top 500 as we got quite a lot of coverage for our business related articles in the past?

Anyhow, thanks for the work. Would be nice if you could automize it as best as possible and republish it every 3 months? and an OPML file of all the blogs would be nice too.

Ribbons Whitfield said...

Wow! What an undertaking! Thank you for being so diligent in your work to collect the resources. And DOUBLE WOW that Ribbons Learns to Swim even made the list. Having been out of world for six months, I'm flattered and honored.

Please let me know if I can be helpful!

Kind regards,


Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

We totally appreciate you putting work into the list.

I hate to say I think the first list was more accurate than the first, but that's okay. Having the list of blogs together is excellent enough.

Otenth Paderborn said...

What a wonderful resource! But not yet definitive, I fear. :-) I have some additional omissions:

Tenth Life http://otenth.homefries.org
500 Year Diary http://oolonsputnik.blogspot.com/
Caledon Companion http://eleanoranderton.blogspot.com/
Clockwork Heart http://magzkam.wordpress.com/
La Musicienne http://diamandag.wordpress.com/
Musings by Happenstance http://kamilahhauptmann.blogspot.com/
What the Mouse Saw http://www.oneforkira.com/

Ze Moo said...

A very impressive effort to make such a never finishing list!

All I like to add in all my modesty: http://Meta.Live.Nu ( = http://metalive.wordpress.com )

Almost 18,000 hits at this moment according to Wordpress.
(Since its start in december 2007) Whatever that may mean...

CeN said...

Thanks for all your efforts.
I'm less concerned about the ranks as I am thrilled to discover so many blogs I hadn't read before.
Thank you again.

skidz said...

/me looks down at his feet kicking the dirt sulking because his blog didn't even make the list...


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Interesting. The Not Possible IRL blog http://npirl.blogspot.com didn't even make the list? Check our Technorati rating (136). We're also on Alltop. I guess I'm wasting my time. :/

Haley said...

Hea Peter you do it next time did you read how many hours this took . every 3 months you can spend 20 hours,, kisses, HALEY O YEA and you have to start out as a computer wizzard !!

Anonymous said...

Wow cool list you may want to add this about music and the Pop Art Lab community in SL.


caliburnsusanto said...

I agree, what's nice about this is as a resource for Second Life blog-surfing. Thanks for your efforts!

Kristine Schomaker said...

WOW!!! What a great job... There will always be more blogs out there than you have time for I'm sure...Just tell the critics who aren't on the list, to make one themselves :P Congratulations on such hard work!!!

Peter Stindberg said...

@Haley: you obviously missed the "automate as much as possible" part :-)

ArminasX said...

I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts, comments and suggestions!

Again, regarding the missing blogs - some were indeed missed, as I was unaware of their existence. It is physically impossible for anyone to follow the probably 2000+ SL blogs that are out there. I did my best.

Also - several of the missing blogs mentioned in the comments were not included because there was no Technorati data for them. I did not make up the order of this list; it came from Technorati and I felt it would be inappropriate to just stick them in where I thought they might fit. I also suspect that Technorati occasionally does not return data for blogs in their database - and how am I to know whether one item of 1800 is suddenly missing?

In some cases I had to decide whether the blog was a Second Life blog. My rule of thumb was that they had to have some SL content on their front page. If not, then I deemed them not-SL blogs.

I tried my best given the time for this work, and if I’ve missed your blog - my apologies once again.

If I have the time this weekend, I will try to update the list with the suggested missing blogs, assuming they have Technorati data and are indeed SL blogs.

@peter - http://greeneconcept.blogspot.com/ has no Technorati data. You might want to sign up. Also, regarding automation of this, it is really not possible. I TRIED to do that, but the Technorati data was so inconsistent, and the inspection of blogs for activity and content was so manual that I believe it would not really be practical. I ended up doing a lot of the work by hand, believe it or not. OPML? Hmm...

@Brad - no no, the second list is MUCH more accurate. Approximately one-third of the first list turned out to be dead blogs, and I added hundreds more blogs. Also, the rankings are better (given the lousy Technorati data) as well.

Emerald Wynn said...

I'm No. 573! RAWWWWWWWK!

Corwin Carillon said...

NPIRL is 135 on Technorati so h
how did you work this list out given that data?

Anonymous said...

yes, where is NPIRL? Weird list ... great if you're into knickers and shoes I suppose.

ArminasX said...

I've just updated the list with suggestions, please take a look!

Osprey said...

You've missed a lot - most notably NPIRL and http://tinasuniversum.blogspot.com/ but also my own, at http://www.atomic-raygun.com (which is a mixed bag).

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I can't imagine the amount of work you must have put into this, Armi; the more I think about it the more I'm speechless. It's a wonderful resource, thanks so much. You're amazing!

Corwin Carillon said...

Great to see the updates!

Nika Dreamscape said...

I wanted to comment on this the first time, but the firewall at work wouldn't allow it. This is a great post- interesting and a terrific resource to find new blogs. :)

I would love to know where my other blog- www.secondhomes.wordpress.com falls on the list. It has higher traffic than my personal blog. I wanted to add it to comments last time, but like I said- was not able to at work.

Gabby Panacek said...

I am overwhelmed and over-awed by the time and effort you've put into this! So many blogs I've never heard of and can't wait to check out. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource!

I was going to point out that my blog isn't on the list, until I realized two things: I have no ranking data (Technorwhat? :)), and I see my blog in your sidebar...I guess that means I'm on the list everyday! :D

Thanks again...now I have some reading to do!

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Don't forget the Arthole blog - http://artholeblog.blogspot.com

Bettina Tizzy said...

Thank you so much for updating the list. The Not Possible in Real Life and the Impossible in Real Life groups work sooooo hard to promote incredible content, not only to SLers, but to the Real World. It just broke my heart to see that not only had NPIRL been omitted, but also Rezzable and Brooklyn is Watching. Another blog I'd love to see added to this list is the NMC Campus Observer. http://sl.nmc.org/ There are so many more! There's Eightbar http://eightbar.co.uk/ and Eshi Otawara's site: http://eshiotawara.wordpress.com/ and Languagelab http://www.languagelab.com/ and Seifert Surface http://www.segerman.org/2ndlife.html Oh, and Strawberry Holiday http://blog.strawberryholiday.com/ and while hardly anyone knows about it yet, Madcow Cosmos just released his own blog: http://madcowcosmos.wordpress.com/ AND OMG, you are missing Sasun Steinbeck's list of art galleries: http://sl-artgalleries.blogspot.com/ and Vlad Bjornson's Shiny Life http://www.shiny-life.com/ and Yuki Aabye's blog: http://euphotic.blogspot.com/ and Chouchou! http://www.myspace.com/chouchouholic AND China Tracy's blog! http://www.alternativearchive.com/chinatracy/ AND Bryn Oh's terrific blog:
http://brynoh.blogspot.com/ AND AND AND Metanomics! http://metanomics.net/ and Chromotive! http://chromotive.blogspot.com/ and Arthole http://artholeblog.blogspot.com/

After I saw that NPIRL had been omitted altogether, I contacted my co-blogger, Alpha Auer, whom I admire and lean on so heavily, and just fell apart. Silly me.

I learned a very important lesson from this experience... NPIRL and Impossible IRL and our goals are only relevant to the same circle of people over and over again. We should either give up (it really is hard work) or find ways to reach out to more SLers... to share all our incredible findings with more of you.

Regardless,I don't regret one minute of it. Second Lifers have totally rocked my life. Changed it completely. Opened my eyes. I just keep on learning every day.

ArminasX said...

Thanks for all the suggestions - this list will clearly never be finished. The problem, of course, is that I (and no one) can know all of the blogs, and there is no one source to find them. Maybe I will update this again in a week after more suggestions arrive.

Bettina Tizzy said...

A few more SUPER important ones:
Dizzy Banjo http://www.dizzybanjo.com/ (though this may not qualify as a blog?)

Gary Hazlitt's HUGELY important blog: http://www.justvirtual.com/

My co-blogger Alpha Auer has her own blog: http://alphaauer.wordpress.com/

Cheen Pitney: http://cheenpitney.blogspot.com/

Osprey Therian's very updated blog! http://www.atomic-raygun.com/

and Ravenelle Zugzwang's excellent blog: http://ravenelle.net/

I'm sure I'll be back with more. Thank you!

Bettina Tizzy said...

And here's one that is even on your blogroll but didn't make it to the list... the wonderful Earth Primbee! http://earthprimbee.com/

savemeoh said...

There are lots of people who hope this will never appear in your list:

Serene Fairey said...

we should start a pool to guess how many entries will be in the final list :D I guess 875 ...
hers's mine SLtransfusion (http://sltransfusion.blogspot.com/) and Serendipity Waits (http://serendipity-waits.blogspot.com/)

annotoole said...

OMG how could you miss my 4 hits a day blog being number 1 of all time!!

*flicks hair and stomps off trying unsuccessfully to look all drama queen n stuff.

Seriously the list looks like it needs to be a new feed.

Luna Jubilee said...

Armi - thank you for all your efforts. I can't imagine all the hours spent trying to help clarify and adjust this issue. It looks like I need to do some reading ... lots of new-to-me blogs! Thanks for sharing ... what a great way for some of the blogs to get new/unique traffic.

Mister Crap said...


The first person to come with me asking for ad space gets shot. Twice.

"Monetize" to me is like asking me to have a threesome with your toaster and dishwasher on tape.


Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

Wow, that's quite impressive work, Armi :) Great job, although I'm always surprised why I get such a high ranking on those lists. I mean, I hardly get 300 visitors per day, and two thirds are very likely 'bots anyway...

Mister Crap said...

What's wrong with robots?



Sougent Harrop said...

Pfft, I quit, nobody reads my blog.... ;)

radarm said...

I salute your efforts, however, I certainly don't envy the task you've unleashed on yourself. Certainly making a list of people who like to talk about themselves daily in written form is just begging for billions of comments about how you must be wrong. SURELY my blog must be in the top ten, and you didn't even include it in the list!! Swine. (PS. Don't call me Shirley).

Dirk said...

Blogs R Lame. A Blog about Blogs is lamer still.

Anonymous said...

Here's two you missed:


Gattina said...

Within a week of joining SL I discovered NPIRL and I have had a treasure map of all of the best content SL has to offer. If not for Bettina Tizzy's tireless efforts I would have ended up trapped wandering laggy virtual shopping malls and ugly photo-realistic textured ad farms. NO ONE has done as much leading people towards all that is cool, and beautiful, and exciting in Second Life-- and without her so many amazing builds would go undiscovered. It isn't just NOT POSSIBLE IN REAL LIFE, it is the VERY BEST of Second Life. With every blog post made I fall in love with SL all over again, and when people not on SL ask me what it's all about I can point them towards http://npirl.blogspot.com/ ... Bettina is the REAL SL, the reason why so many of us become addicted and enamoured of this virtual world, to see things we never imagined possible.

All I know is she has shown us so many amazing things and introduced us to some many incredible content creators, the NPIRL blog is really SL at its very best.

There are many great blogs about sl fashion, Creamy Cooljoke of SL Freestyle is a wonder and so generous with what she does, but as far as the best of the best, mad props to Bettina and the bloggers of NPIRL. Thank you for showing us the way.

Fricker Fraker said...

sadness, I didn't even make the list :( Maybe I should blog more lol http://technorati.com/blogs/www.thefrickerfrequency.com

magnus said...

o hai.
looks like the list is growing steadily :P
i just added my blog to technorati: http://mechatiki.blogspot.com

Larry said...

... you've carved out an impossible task...but here is one left out that should be in the top 30 on your list:

116,573 re Technorati, or #27 on your first list.

virtualneko.com said...

Not sure how a blog getting 350-400 hits a day resulting in 43,000 hits in 9 months could be #242.... :-)

ArminasX said...

@virtualNeko - the rankings are obtained from Technorati, and are not based on traffic. Since no one other than the blog owner knows the actual traffic, Technorati have used other information to rank the blogs. Specifically, they use links from other blogs as the key statistic. Their theory is that if material is important, then other blogs will link to it. As I said before, there are tons of ways to measure blogs - none are right and all are wrong. Technorati happens to have the only publicly available ranking information, so I used it.

CronoCloud said...

Hmmm, interesting list. I think if you compiled a list of avatars that own those blogs and had the impossible capability of doing a "six degrees of separation" on them via friends lists and whatnot, you'd find we're pretty closely connected in the SL press, even if just by reputation.

Anonymous said...

Other blogs that feature SL extensively


Gary Hayes said...

Hi ArminasX,

A worthy effort but you are pretty wrong as regards public domain stats on a blog. I suggest you look at http://adage.com/power150/ and you will see nearly 1000 media blogs rated by a lot more than technorati! - this includes Google Page Rank, Yahoo Inbound links, Collective Intellect, Alexa & Bloglines subscribers.

Getting that data will provide a much more robust 'popularity' rating vs the rather unstable Technorati (and really you should be using 3 separate parts of technorati too - rank, inbound blogs and inbound links)...anyways the techno rating is nothing about being read, but based on links - and many sites are often linked to for other reasons than the actual content...

But the harder part for you is deciding what 'is' a second life blog or site. Quite a few on your list look broadly at virtual worlds and feature SL every now and then vs something like NPIRL which is exclusively SL...then you have to consider if someone does an update every month (but it is extremely in depth) do you call them, infrequent...and so on...the SL exclusive and update issue are much harder call

Opensource Obscure said...

Here is my OPML file with ~100 feeds from websites and blogs about Second Life, Opensimulator and Virtual Worlds:

Feel free to download it and import it into your RSS Aggregator or Feed Reader.

Contact me in-world to suggest more websites and blogs (but have a look to my criteria before).

Krissy Muggleston said...

I wonder how many SL bloggers have never registered with Technorati? (like me until last night)

Prad Prathivi said...

Metaversally Speaking!

Ana Lutetia said...

number 10? o.O

Marianne McCann said...

The least read - http://marianne.secondlifekid.com/ :-)

Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Thanks for adding me! I was not offended at being left off and think others who were missed should not take it as a personal slight. It's impossible for one person to think of and find every blog out there. I think, though, there would be less angst if you did not use the word definitive. Perhaps instead the Nearly Definitive or the getting Closer to Defnititive or the neverending work of staggering blogs?

Angie Mornington said...

Thank you for this list! Can you please add http://fabulousfashiontv.com/

Nimil said...

oh wow i'm suprised i'm on this list :o and not all the way at the bottom (btw my blog's title is "nimil's adventures in wonderland")

Roblem Hogarth said...

Great list! I plan to work my way down it and check them all out. Only 1 of my 3 pet peeve blogs listed and neither of my lame blogs ;-)

Only addition I would suggest is "Metaversally Speaking" because Prad is brilliant.

Daniel Voyager said...

Great list of blogs! :)

You forgot to add mine:

SL Feeds portal, check it out!: http://www.netvibes.com/danielvoyager#Second_Life

List of all Second Life Groups on Flickr.com:

- Daniel Voyager
Enjoy all!

Ana Lutetia said...

Prad Prathivi is a great blogger: http://pradprathivi.com
Also, Summer: http://summerwardhani.wordpress.com/

And, in 96, you have my old blog in blogger. I updated it very rarely and only because it's linked to the Planet World of SL.

Ana Lutetia

Phaylen said...

Wow this is an incredible list! I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to compile all that data!

I wondered where our DiVAS blog ranked, and was surprised it wasn't listed at all in the list.


bu somehow my obscure, never read and retired fashion blog is on it at #512!

regardless, my hats off to you for an amazing job!

Samara Barzane said...

Also http://hellodownthere.blogspot.com/

Jago Constantine said...

My own blog, Sex Aficionado (http://sexaficionado.blogspot.com)

Midcourt (http://midcourt.blogspot.com)

In-World and Out (http://in-worldandout.blogspot.com)

JM Models (http://jmmodels.wordpress.com/)

Eddi Haskell's Second Life (http://jmmodels.wordpress.com/)

Torrid Luna said...

Nice list. How about adding the content of Planet.worldofSL.com? http://planet.worldofsl.com/


Dizzy Banjo said...

Haha what a kefuffle! :D

I think popularity ratings are pretty counter productive to be honest and often only really serve to inflame competitive angst - even if they are accurate ( and Gary Hayes had some good points about process here).

My blog ( which is http://dizzybanjo.wordpress.com not http://www.dizzybanjo.com ) is more a blog about music developing with technology really, but does contain quite a lot of Second Life related content.

Anonymous said...

Gospeed Racer is in twice! :)

Gabby McCullough said...

I hope me and my friend's blog makes it next year. Now I just have to figure out what Technorati is!


Chalice Carling said...

Congrats on quite an exhaustive list. My humble blog wasn't included which is hardly suprising given I was associated with Technorati. I just joined so thank you for the wee push.

In case you can join me one day, my blog is called Chalice in Wonderland and here is the link http://chalicecarling.blogspot.com/

Great job :-))))

for Paisley Beebe said...

Can of Worms, Pandoras Box, whoa!!!! well darls at least everyone knows your name now! I know you don't want another suggestion.. but I might as well weigh in with the Melee, how about just putting them in Alphabetical order! sorry just a bad joke.....hmmmm people will still complain they are not on the list....ummmm ask for people to give you the names of all the blogs they know of...ummmm they might not fit the criteria...I know! Delete the blog post and take a holiday to Sweden so you can figure out what that chick said! gees Im glad Im not in your shoes...Hugs Pais

ganymedescostagravas said...

another one for the list: http://ganymedescostagravas.wordpress.com

do note: it's a SL + RL blog
-that's why I called it "... on (any) Life"-

Willis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Torley said...

Thanx for doing this research, ArminasX! It's a unique snapshot of the NOW.

Most of my Second Life postings are going to go to the official blogs' Tips & Tricks dept. @ http://tr.im/sltnt so if you want to find out what's up with Doc Team (including me), check us out!

I remember when I chatted with many Second Life Resis who were skeptical about blogs, including using the official one to deliver news. Times have come a long way, and will continue to change —

Lizzie Lexington said...

Last thing I want to care about is some list with my blog. I am in a very competitive environment where I work in real life and the last thing I want in SL is to be "stack ranked". This will be bring out the overly competitive beast in me and it may supercede my reasons for blogging in the first place. For me a quality blog is much more intriguing than one that is high on some list.

Beanie Canning said...

awwww please add mine...

Beanie Loves Japan

Thanks! :-)

Beanie Canning

Jonny Tobias said...

You can add mine as well http://jonnytobias/blogspot.com

If I want to get a higher rank I just have to whore my blog out then eh?

Emerald Wynn said...

RAWWWWWK! I'm No. 586!

Faerie said...

Technorati's criteris seems very strange to me. When I randomly clicked on some of the blogs listed I kept finding blogs that hadn't posted for some time - sometimes not this year!

One blog near the end of the list had made one post in July 08 and the next wasn't until February 09.

How can you be on the most popular blog list if you haven't posted for months?

Emilly Orr said...

*falls down laughing*

I admit, I saw my position on the list, and it caused a slight concern.

So I went to Technorati. And I started an account. And I 'claimed' my blog.

They tell me it's flagged for questionable content.

*falls down laughing again*

Thank you so much! This has fueled two days of amusement so far! :)

TeSa said...

OMG I bet you regret taking this on LOL! Thank you for all the work and for bringing new blogs to so many of us. All the time and brain strain you have put towards this really doesn't go unnoticed. THANK YOU!

Wildstar said...

/me waves from the sidelines of the playground "I want to play too !!!" :)


Ze Moo said...

Thanks a lot for adding http://Meta.Live.Nu to this impressive list!

The ratings I don't care much about to be honest. I prefer to have 'quality-visitors' at my blogs rather then 'quantity-visitors'. I percieve this list simply as a fantastic start page for SL related blogs. Great work!

And about Technorati: They only operate on the 'flat-web'... They dont process links and hits coming out of the '3D-web' (SL = porgressive part of web 3.0 imho)!

Such as blogs visited via avatar Profiles Web tab, blog URL givers in prims, blog URLs mentioned in SL chat, and so on... So I personally don't value Technorati ratings very much...

Botgirl Questi said...

Would it be hard for you to put together and post an OPML file. I'd love to import it into feedly, so I'd have a tab with a comprehensive collection of SL blogs.

Haley said...

I just saw an add, to sell advertising, based on their position in your list! so if The blogging community would like to come to the queendom the queendom of green I will see what I can do. Only kidding, hard work done well is its own reward.

Kanomi said...

Where's my blog :(


It's on Technorati and gets about 100 visits a day according to Googity.

Nice list though!

Raven said...

I wonder..
LVS is listed on the list, but the site that everyone searches is www.ravenlynn.com,I wonder if that makes a difference? the website listed feeds into the other website lol,very impressive though, just looking at the list makes my eyes cross lol

Sitearm Madonna said...

Brilliant! Many I recognize that I've worked with and many more I have not worked with yet. Kudos on your research and generosity sharing this!

Kat Claxton said...

Great job compiling this list! You should be commended for your effort, and I will use this list often.

Next time you make a round of updates I would love to see http://www.zakclaxton.blogspot.com/ on your list. :-)

test said...

You left out http://www.secondlifeupdate.com which is top 5.

Jenn Hienrichs said...

I didn't even know about Technorati, and I've been running SL Things to Do (http://slthingstodo.com/main) since August of 2007. I've just joined there. Thanks for this list. It's amazing!

Mike@ said...

You made my week !

Found this list via NWN... came here to request to be included... and found El Opinador in the #30 slot !

However, to be fair, our blog is a collective creation (9 guys from Argentina, Canada and the US) and Second Life represents just a fraction of the content (i'm the only one in SL...)

Thanks for the ego boost anyway XD

Nahasa Singh
aka Mike@
El Opinador Compulsivo

iliveisl said...

lol, ya missed two here, one was a 50th fastest growing blog in wordpress in January!

http://iliveisl.wordpress.com and http://subquark.wordpress.com

iliveisl said...

lol, missed us too, here is our estate blog:


and here is our elearning side:


both pretty active (iliveisl was the 50th fastest growing blog on one day in January for Wordpress)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

You've missed me too - a pox on yer pox!


And these:


Urizenus Sklar said...

Thanks for the work you put into this. One thing though, with respect to your Herald rankings. It looks like you used secondlifeherald.com as your input, but the priniciple url with the most link-ins and traffic is foo.secondlifeherald.com. We also have incoming from alphavilleherald.com and even some from dragonscoveherald.com. If you don't want to go to the trouble of adding these up, could you at least chose the url with the *most* links-ins and traffic?

Also, I would recommend checking this against Alexa to see if what you have is in the ballpark or maybe, just maybe, off by an order of magnitude in cases.


Alysha Rennahan said...

Thank you for putting the time and effort into this. It is truly amazing to see what all your work has done to clean up blog lists.

ArianeB said...

Add me please


I just barely joined technorati, but have been blogging for two years. Mentioned 3 times in NWN even.

Jorrold said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Aji said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Aji said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Klimbsac said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Mariko Nightfire said...

Hello ... I wish you would add my blogs to your list of active Second Life Blogs:


and a fashion blog:


Arigato gozaimasu,
Mariko Nightfire

fineman said...

An amazing piece of work! Thanks for doing this. I almost feel churlish to add my blog to the list... but the self promotion itch has to be scratched :-)


Isabeal Jupiter said...




AntoniusMisfit said...

I'm partially surprised I'm not on the list. I'd be happy even if I were literally at the bottom of the barrel.

A Misfit's Virtual Life: http://antoniusmisfit.blogspot.com

KM said...


KM said...


KM said...


KM said...


KM said...


Serenity said...

don't forget mine!





John said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BlogTemplates said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
secondliferoleplay said...

You can add mine as well.

A blog about role play in SL


and also

Feles Seitan's blog about fashion


Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

It's time for an update for 2011 :) hehe

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