One Hundred and Seventeen

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One Hundred and Seventeen is no longer my favorite number. My measly 512sm parcel is now full – all 117 prims have been used by my products and very rudimentary shop structure.

I tried really hard to make this work by using these low-prim strategies:

  • No personal items (e.g. Mansion, Bowling alley, Battlestar Galactica replica, Rideable pet elephant, etc.) using up scarce prims are allowed on the property. If it doesn't contribute to the sales process, it isn't on the site!
  • Ultra-simplified building technique. Yes, this means no roof, using ramps instead of prim stairs, plain walls w/o prim-riddled adornments, etc.
  • Embedded gadgetry. Need a notecard giver? Or a visitor counter? Put the script in the floor or walls, not a separate object – and for god's sake don't ever use more than one prim for something like that!
  • Building work takes place in public sandboxes, not on the property

In spite of the “advanced” or “efficient” (or just plain cheap) techniques above, I am STILL running out of prims. Maybe I have too many products? Hah! I must figure out another way to expand my business.


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