Romance in the Atmosphere

Monday, May 7, 2007 Monday, May 07, 2007

I wrote earlier about addressing products towards specific genres, and now I believe I've found another one: Romance. Sure, we all hear about the incredible dramas taking place between people (and non-people – it's SL after all!) It turns out that these situations do require products. Romance in SL, like RL, requires not only time and a great personality, but also items that help establish the mood. Things such as shape, skin, hair, clothing, smell (well, not smell!) and particle effects!

I've created two items that seem to be quite popular with the Romantics: a hearts poofer that gently blows away in the wind, and a fogger that produces pink and white colored fog. I call it “ValentineFog”. These are obviously not for everyone, but some people are really turned on by them – well, rather they are affected by how the effects alter the mood of the situation.

It's kind of like art: it's not what it looks like, it's how it makes you feel. That's what is going on in SL: people are trying to achieve meaningful alternate situations. Particle effects, clothes, music and other factors can dramatically affect the situation's mood. There is clearly a market for these items.

Come and try them out via live demonstration at my shop in Caso Milo!

Maybe I am a Particle Artist, instead of a Particle Engineer?


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